Workplace Rehabilitation Services

Integrated and flexible services to help your employees to recover from injury or illnesses and return to work. 

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Recovery at Work Services

We’re an approved rehabilitation provider that specialises in health and injury management services.

We provide high-quality, evidence-based, and outcome-driven Return to Work (RTW) services to injured workers, insurers and claims agents and employers.

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Who we help


If you have been injured, we can assist in your recovery and help you get back to health and back to life. 

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We’re an approved rehabilitation provider that specialises in health and injury management services. 

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We are experienced in partnering with insurers to achieve sustainable return to work outcomes. 

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Working with Employers

We’re an approved rehabilitation provider that delivers customer-centric, evidence-based, timely and proactive services to your business.

We provide high-quality, evidence-based, and outcome-driven Return to Work (RTW) services to injured workers, insurers and claims agents and employers.

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Workplace Rehabilitation Services

Assisting injured workers to overcome psychological barriers, delaying or preventing a return to work. 
A series of tests to determine a worker’s physical ability for their pre-injury role. 
A fully managed placement employment program when returning to a pre-injury role is not possible. 
A 24/7 hotline to assist with all your workplace injuries. 
Assisting workers to identify alternate employment opportunities following injury / illness and ensure that they are ‘job ready’. 
Our Occupational Physicians hold extensive experience in occupational health and supporting return to work. 
Educating your workforce in how to correctly set-up their workstation. 
Tailored onsite physiotherapy solutions to effectively reduce the cost of injuries in the workplace. 
Structured and progressive work hardening sessions for rehabilitation back into the workforce. 
KINNECT Psychologists are available to assist employees overcome barriers in their return to work. 
Providing a risk assessment to determine the likelihood of a delayed return to work to inform additional support that may be needed.
A documented rehabilitation and return to work plan for injured workers returning to work. 
A vocational assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s transferable skills, qualifications and interests. 
Evaluates the suitability of tasks and determine an individuals return to work requirements. 

We believe in the power of good work.

There are powerful benefits that ‘good work’ can provide in supporting an injured worker’s recovery. That’s why recovery at work forms an integral part of our approach.

Let our workplace rehabilitation experts help you to ensure a sustainable return to work can be achieved.

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Australia-wide services

Get local people with local knowledge.

Each state and territory workers compensation scheme has individual features and administrative requirements.

Our teams that live and service each location are well-versed in their respective compensation schemes and have access to established local community networks.

We know managing recovery at work can be challenging.

But we can help you avoid a difficult or delayed return to work by getting the right support at the right time.


Our workplace rehabilitation experts are here for you

KINNECT employs a diverse team of Allied Health Practitioners who specialise in Workplace Rehabilitation and are here to support you with the right service at the right time. 

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