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Returning an injured worker to their pre-injury role may not always be possible. This could be due to limited availability of alternative duties or lighter duties while the employee is recovering from their injury.


Should the employer not be able to offer suitable duties as part of a return to work program for the employee, then a host employment program may be beneficial.

Host employment is a short term graduated return to work program whereby an injured worker can attend and perform duties at an alternate place of employment, allowing them to safely progress their functional capacity and expedite their return to work. Host employment programs are ideal for injured workers, whereby a physical and/or psychological injury prevents them from returning to their previous place of employment.

KINNECT has an extensive database of host employers – businesses that are willing and able to provide suitable duties for injured workers participating in a return to work program. Our experienced Rehabilitation Consultants are able to help facilitate the placement of an injured worker within a relevant industry with suitable duties.


How it Works  Benefits

How it Works

KINNECT contacts the worker to discuss the host employment program and gain further understanding of their injury, current restriction, treatment goals, interests, skill sets and qualifications.

KINNECT have a register of pre-qualified host employers who are able to offer a variety of suitable duties and/or hours that can fit with an individuals physical restrictions and/or rehabilitative requirements.

Once a suitable host employer has been identified, KINNECT organise for a worksite visit to be conducted by an experienced tertiary qualified Allied Health Clinician. During this worksite visit, the clinician will assess the worker in the potential work environment, identifying suitable duties and/or hours to be included in the program.

A suitable duties plan will then be completed by the clinician and provided to both the worker, host employer and treating doctor for their review and approval. This plan will be monitored (and modified if required) frequently with regular communication to both the host employer and worker, ensuring safety and that appropriate functional progressions are being achieved.


Host employment programs benefit both the injured worker and host employer.


Benefits for Host Employer

  • An additional skilled worker whose wages are at no direct cost to the organisation
  • Increased productivity for your business
  • An additional ‘set of hands’ to provide support to the organisation
  • If you do wish to recruit a new team member, hosting a worker can be a obligation free way of trialling them while helping the worker with their return to work.
  • Promotion of the organisations philanthropic efforts


Benefits for Injured Worker

  • The provision of an environment and/or duties to promote a quick and safe return to work
  • The opportunity to develop a range of work skills
  • Functional/physical capacity progression
  • Minimise disruption to family, work and/or social life
  • Expediating the injury recovery and rehabilitative process
  • Access to potential future employment opportunities.


What is the cost to the Host Employer?

Host employment programs are fully funded by the respective insurer and is of no direct cost to the participating host employer. This includes both the injured workers wages, travel and relevant insurances.

How long does Host Employment run for?

Generally host employment programs are 4 to 6 weeks in duration and involve a gradual increase in the hours and duties performed by the individual.


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