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KINNECT is a National Provider of Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Services.

KINNECT is one of the largest providers of workplace drug and alcohol testing services. Our national footprint and industry experience has seen us deliver over 100,000+ drug and alcohol tests in the last 5 years alone.

We offer a range of workplace drug and alcohol testing services including:

Onsite Random Drug and Alcohol Testing

KINNECT will coordinate for an Accredited Drug and Alcohol Tester to attend your workplace to perform urine or saliva drug and breath alcohol testing. The selection of employees to be tested will be randomised to ensure a fair approach.

On Call Incident and/or Suspicion Testing

KINNECT offers an on call drug and alcohol testing service for employers to access after an incident / accident or when suspicion testing is required.

In Clinic Drug and Alcohol Testing

Book a drug and alcohol test through one of our 12 KINNECT Clinics or 350+ affiliated partner clinics.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training

Provide your workforce with education about the health and safety risks and how a drug and alcohol testing program is conducted.

Fitness for Work Determination by Medical Practitioner

Have one of our Occupational Health Doctors make a determination about an employees fitness for work (and relevant restrictions) following a non-negative drug or positive breath alcohol result.

Service Locations

National Footprint

KINNECT have Accredited Drug and Alcohol Testers and offices nationally.
KINNECT service all locations within 3 hours drive of the below areas.
  • Brisbane, QLD
  • Sydney, NSW
  • Perth, WA
  • Melbourne, VIC
  • Adelaide, SA
  • Gold Coast, QLD
  • Sunshine Coast, QLD
  • Townsville, QLD
  • Cairns, QLD
  • Mackay, QLD
  • Rockhampton, QLD
  • Gladstone, QLD


Site Setup Fee

$112.50 + GST

Fee per site. Covers time of Drug and Alcohol Tester to setup and prepare the site for testing.

Onsite Drug and Alcohol Testing

$225.00 + GST

Per Hour. Onsite drug and alcohol testing performed at random to ensure employee fitness for work. Please note that this price is based on testing within normal business hours.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Consumable Fee

$29.00 + GST

Per employee tested.


$225.00 + GST

Per hour. Time taken for KINNECT Consultant to travel to and from the testing location.


$187.00 + GST

Per drug class. Laboratory confirmation test for non-negative drug test results.

How it Works

Non-disruptive & discrete workplace testing

Prior to Testing

KINNECT will contact you to confirm the following details:

  • Date/time of testing
  • Number of employees to be tested (random selection or blanket testing)
  • Location for the testing
  • Drug testing type – urine or saliva
  • Key stakeholders contact details
  • PPE and site induction requirements
  • Explanation of confirmation testing process

On the Day

Our accredited drug tester/s will attend your workplace to perform the required testing. The tester/s will setup in a private room and will require access to a private bathroom for urine collection (if required). The testing environments will be reviewed to ensure that the employees have no access to adulteration items (e.g. running water, liquids etc.).

Should random testing be performed, KINNECT offer two methods of randomisation.

  1. Drawing coloured marbles from an opaque bag
  2. The use of a random number generator application

If an employees instant drug test returns a non-negative result, the tester, following the chain of custody process, will prepare the specimen for transportation to a laboratory whereby GCMS confirmation testing will be performed. Should a non-negative instant drug test or positive breath alcohol result occur, the tester will notify the relevant site contact immediately so they can follow their Fitness for Work policy procedures.

Learn More about Non-Negative Test Results

After the Testing

Upon completion of the onsite testing, you will receive a summary report containing the results of each individual tested. Furthermore, should a non-negative result have occured and as such GCMS confirmation required, KINNECT will supply the GCMS report within 24-48 hours (pending laboratory turnaround times). This report will detail the outcome of the GCMS test and provide clear indication as to whether outcome of the individuals test is confirmed positive or negative.

Non-Negative Test Results

What Happens Now?

When an employee returns a non-negative drug test result, their specimen is packaged up and transported to a laboratory for GCMS confirmation. A confirmed positive result is unable to be achieved through instant drug testing devices. As such a laboratory evaluation of the specimen (saliva or urine) is required in order to quantify the level of metabolites of a particular drug class. Once these levels have been quantified, it is then that they can be compared against the cut-off levels defined within the Australian Standards.

GCMS confirmation testing is performed on a per drug class basis. This means that should the instant drug test result return a non-negative for multiple drug classes, multiple GCMS confirmations may be required. GCMS confirmation tests are an additional charge that should be considered when organising workplace drug testing programs.

It should be noted that not all non-negative results are related to illicit drug use. At times, prescription and over the counter medications may trigger a non-negative drug test result. However, laboratory confirmation testing will be able to identify whether the non-negative result is a consequence of legitimate therapeutic use of a declared medication.

Should a GCMS result indicate the use of a declared medication, however concerns exist surrounding the potential side effects of this medication and the employees fitness for work, a Fitness for Work Determination service is available from KINNECT. This service involves a KINNECT Occupational Health Doctor interviewing the employee regarding the use of the declared medication and gaining a thorough understanding of the duties of the employees job role. With knowledge of the medication and potential risks, as well as an understanding of the company Fitness for Work Policy, the Occupational Health Doctor can then make a determination on the employees ability to safely complete these duties or the need for restrictions.

Urine Vs Saliva Drug Test

Which method do we choose?

It is important to understand the differences between the two types of instant drug tests currently available. There are both pros and cons associated with each method of testing. What should be considered when making a determination on the type of testing performed is whether, the testing is being completed for the purpose of fitness for work or whether the workplace is wanting to identify at risk behaviours.

Typically saliva drug testing has reduced detection windows for the majority of drug classes. Please also find below information related to the detection windows for certain drug classes in saliva tests.  Please note that this is only a guide and is often dependent on the concentration / frequency of use by the individual.



Detectable in Saliva

Detection Period Detectable in Urine

Detection Period

Amphetamine (AMP)

5 – 10 minutes after use

72 hours 2 – 5 hours after use

2 – 4 days

Methamphetamine (mAMP)

5 – 10 minutes after use

72 hours 2 – 5 hours after use

3 – 5 days

Cocaine (COC)

5 – 10 minutes after use

24 hours 2 – 5 hours after use

2 – 4 days

Opiates (OPI)

1 hour after use

7 – 21 hours 2 -5 hours after use

2 – 4 days

Marijuana (THC)

1 hour after use

12 hours 2 – 5 hours after use

15 – 30 days

NATA Accreditation

An important sign of Quality Assurance

KINNECT has achieved NATA accreditation for our drug testing services in Australia. Achieving NATA accreditation is recognition of our quality processes and procedures that meet the following Australian Standards for drug testing:

  • AS/NZS 4308:2008 – Drugs for Toxicological Purposes in Urine – Section 2: Specimen Collection, Storage, Handling and Dispatch
  • AS/NZS 4308 :2008 – Drugs for Toxicological Purposes in Urine – Appendix A: On-site Screening Procedures
  • AS/NZS 4760:2006 – Drugs for Toxicological Purposes in Oral Fluid – Section 2: Collection, Storage, Handling and Dispatch
  • AS/NZS 4308:2008 – Procedures for Specimen Collection and the Detection and Quantitation of Drugs of Abuse in Urine


Are there minimum tests required?

Yes, KINNECT require a minimum of 10 tests per site visit.

How long does a test take to complete?

Testing takes approximately 10 minutes per employee to complete.

Should a non-negative drug result or positive breath alcohol result occur, additional time will be required.

What form of ID is required?

KINNECT require photographic identification upon testing. In the event that ID isn’t provided, the employee’s manager will be required to provide a written statement confirming their identity.

Does KINNECT offer training services?

Yes, KINNECT offer a range of drug and alcohol training services including:

  • Drug and alcohol awareness training for employees
  • Drug and alcohol awareness training for supervisors
  • Drug and alcohol testing course – certification
  • Alcohol and your brain – online course
  • Crystal meth and your brain – online course
  • Drugs and depression – online course

KINNECT also has the capability to develop and deliver tailored workplace training specific to your workplace policy.

Does KINNECT offer Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy development services?

Yes. We can assist your organisation with either the development of a workplace drug and alcohol policy or review your existing one.

How many Drug and Alcohol Testers does KINNECT have?

KINNECT currently have 100 certified Drug and Alcohol Screeners located throughout our Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australian operations. Please note, that KINNECT is also able to travel to any location as required.

What happens if my employee returns a positive alcohol test result?

If a positive alcohol test is recorded the following process will be followed:

  1. The employee is requested to remain in the immediate vicinity and a second breath alcohol sample is undertaken after 20 minutes.
  2. The worker and their manager is immediately advised of the result.
  3. If the breath alcohol sample is still positive, an evidential breath screen is performed with a signed declaration
  4. The worker is then managed as per your company’s drug and alcohol policy

What is the time frame for laboratory confirmation testing?

KINNECT have existing relationships with NATA accredited pathology laboratories throughout Australia. By having established agreements with these laboratories, we can guarantee a 24-48 hour turnaround for testing once the specimen is received. In addition, the laboratories offer an express service for confirmatory testing. This express service incurs an additional fee, however guarantees you results within 60 minutes of confirmatory testing.


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