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workplace injury risk assessment KINNECTIf you knew that an injured worker was going to experience a delayed or difficult to return to work, would you do things differently? 

Get the insight you need to speed things up with Rapid Re-KINNECT. 


Following a workplace injury, Rapid Re-KINNECT provides a risk assessment to help identify whether an injured worker is likely to have delayed and difficult return to work.  

We recognise that every workplace has a different capacity to manage recovery at work. Rapid Re-KINNECT helps you to make a more informed decision about managing a worker’s return to work in-house or whether you need to engage our Workplace Rehabilitation team. The choice is yours to make with Rapid Re-KINNECT. 

Rapid Re-KINNECT is streamlined and integrated with the Injury KINNECT Hotline, our 24/7 injury triage service, and our Workplace Rehabilitation services, making KINNECT a complete solution for all your injury management needs. 

The evidence* is clear that early intervention in injury management provides numerous benefits including:   

Improved Employee Engagement Scores

reduce lost time injuries in workplace

Reduced Lost Time Injuries by 50%*

Reduced Claims Costs by 30%*

Builds Health Literacy of Injured Workers and Supervisors

workplace injury management

Builds the Capacity of Supervisors to Manage an Effective Return to Work

*The Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation 2019, 

How it Works

Step 1

injury triage workplace hotline medical appointment

Referral to Rapid re-KINNECT

An injured worker can be referred to Rapid Re-KINNECT directly from our Injury KINNECT hotline, our 24/7 Injury triage service. Find out more about Injury KINNECT.

Step 2

workplace rehabilitation Provider

Risk Assessment Conducted

Our consultants will perform a Risk Assessment looking at both physical, environmental and social factors to assess the risk of the injured worker having a delayed or difficult return to work.  We will then score the risk assessment and quantify the level of risk. The model we use is the Örebro Musculoskeletal Pain Screening Questionnaire, an evidenced-based screening tool which predicts long-term disability and failure to return to work when completed after a soft tissue injury. 

Worker Identified as Low Risk

If the worker is scored as low-risk, it’s a strong indication that the return to work, with the right support, will be straightforward.

KINNECT will provide you with a summary of risks for the worker’s recovery at work and negotiate the recover at work plan. 

Worker Identified as High Risk

If the worker is scored as high-risk, it’s a strong indication that the return to work may be challenging without further support and intervention.  KINNECT will discuss the identified risks with you and provide recommendations on appropriate management of the worker, including whether a worksite assessment may be needed, and discuss the recover at work plan. 

Step 3

Workplace rehabilitation Providers

You Choose How to Manage the Return to Work

With further insight and full understanding of the level of risk involved, you will be equipped to decide how you manage the individual’s return to work.

Option 1: Manage the Return to Work In-House

If you have the skills and capacity in-house, you can decide to manage the return to work in-house.

The risk assessment will provide you with a useful information to navigate any potential challenges along the way. 

This marks the end of our involvement with this case. 

Option 2: Refer to KINNECT’s Workplace Rehabilitation Service

If you decide to refer the return to work to KINNECT, there will be a seamless transition to our Workplace Rehabilitation team. Our rehabilitation and return to work services will support you in the continued management of the injured worker. Management will include sourcing suitable duties, formulating return to work programs, ongoing monitoring, treatment coordination and attendance at relevant medical appointments. 

At this point, the services will cease being self-funded and move to being funded by the Insurer.  


There are an increasing number of Australian employers choosing to manage return to work in-house and building the capacity of their teams to do this effectively. But this isn’t necessarily possible in every situation and in every location. Rapid Re-KINNECT will give you useful knowledge at a critical point in the recovery period, helping you plan the return to work accordingly.  It gives you the insight you need to invest your resources where they can be most efficient; the right service at the right time. 

With Rapid Re-KINNECT you’ll get: 

  • Access to expert advice and support for the injured employee and their manager with a proactive focus on return to work.
  • A clear determination of the risk factors for the worker’s return to work.
    Advice on the potential challenges for the return to work and what interventions and investment of time could be required.
  • Flexibility to choose to manage the return to work in-house, depending on your unique circumstances.
  • Integration with our Workplace Rehabilitation team should you need further assistance with the Return to Work.
  • Services that are streamlined with our Injury KINNECT hotline to provide robust follow-up after an injury. 



The Problem 

Responding to workplace injuries can be challenging: 

  • Workers may not be in close proximity to their Return to Work Coordinator, making planning their return to work more difficult.
  • Supervisors may not have the capacity or the skills to manage an effective return to work in all locations and in all sites. 
  • Supervisors aren’t always focused on returning an individual to work. They may not always understand how duties can be modified following an injury to ensure a sustainable return to work. This can make the length of the employee’s return to work longer.
  • Large organisations may experience issues with responding to workplace injuries due to poor communication systems between supervisors and health / safety representatives. 

The Solution 

Our Rapid-Re-KINNECT service provides aeffective way to address the challenges of managing work-related injuries: 

  • Access to expert advice for injured employees at a critical point in their recovery period ensuring a sustainable return to work can be achieved.
  • Clear determination on the level of risk of the worker having a delayed or difficult return to work so you can plan accordingly. 
  • Insight into what resources may be needed to invest in a worker’s return to work, allowing you to access the right service at the right time.
  • Flexibility to choose whether you manage return to work in-house or would benefit from engaging from our Workplace Rehabilitation team.
  • Builds capacity of in-house teams to manage return to work independently. 
  • Integrated return to work management following the Injury KINNECT 24/7 triage service and Workplace Rehabilitation service. 



Rapid Re-KINNECT Assessment + Return to Work Plan

$225.00 + GST

Includes Rapid Re-KINNECT Risk Assessment and Return to Work plan.

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