Revolutionise Your Health Monitoring


The Carelever monitor module enables you to automate and streamline your organisation’s health monitoring programs.

Carelever is a custom built cloud based platform that KINNECT has specifically developed to address the needs of our clients. Our goal is that Carelever will dramatically reinvent the way employers manage their Occupational Health needs.

Company Settings

Using Carelever’s company settings means you don’t need to remember all the unique testing requirements and frequencies for each site or job role. All the information is defaulted and automated ensuring 100% compliance for your health monitoring programs at all times.


We understand that every company has different processes and procedures for their health monitoring programs. Carelever Monitor allows you to set specific settings associated with your health monitoring programs.


Job Roles

Testing Requirements

Frequency of Testing

Paperwork Requirements

Reporting Requirements

Notifications & Reminders

Carelever Monitor features customisable notifications and reminder schedules that will alert you before an employee is due for their next periodic health monitoring assessment.

The set and forget feature means that you no longer need to track your health monitoring programs in excel spreadsheets, HR / LMS systems or outlook calendars. Get reminder notifications in advance and then follow up notifications on a schedule that works for your organisation.

health monitoring surveillance software system tracking

Integrate & Automate Baseline Testing with Pre-Employment Testing

Carelever Monitor allows organisations to integrate and automate the baseline health monitoring tests required for new employees, post their Pre-Employment Assessment. Simply indicate that the candidate is now an employee and Carelever will begin the relevant health surveillance monitoring for that employee throughout their entire employment cycle.

Rest assured that each employee is undertaking the appropriate health monitoring testing from the commencement of their employment, whilst allowing HR / Recruitment personnel to effectively trigger this process without the need for technical knowledge.

Financial Tracking

Carelever Monitor allows you to assign purchase orders across your company and/or sites. View invoices, purchase order’s and calculate the cost of your health monitoring programs over time or sites.

Keep on top of the financial aspects of your health monitoring programs without the need to manually calculate a bunch of invoices.

View Appointments, Results and History Notes

Eliminate the need to email or call to follow up important information you require. Carelever Monitor allows you to view all the necessary information from your desk.

Carelever monitor tracks all the important information for each employee. Simply login to Carelever and you will be able to view:

Every appointment time,
date and location

All current medical results

Every email, SMS
or telephone call

All previous medical results


Carelever Monitor features user friendly data rich dashboards that help you stay up to date with all your health monitoring programs. View a snapshot of what is happening within each of your health surveillance program. Check who is overdue, who is currently due for their next test and how many employees are being monitored.  Carelever’s dashboards allow you to keep your finger on the pulse without the need to review excel spreadsheets, HR / LMS system reports or outlook calendars.

SEG Codes

Supervisor Name

Employee ID Number


Custom Data Fields

Carelever Monitor can be customised to suit your business operations. It allows efficiency in business process by aligning company information with KINNECT information.

Customise your health monitoring programs to align with your organisations systems. Carelever Monitor allows you to select up to 3 custom data fields that will appear in your reports and invoices. Some examples of these custom fields include:

Identify Health Changes

Carelever Monitor has been built with technology that allows it to compare new medical data with previous medical data and identify significant changes in an employees health as per relevant legislation. This function ensures that your employees are appropriately monitored during their employment and that early intervention and investigations can occur should a significant change be identified in an employees health.

Rest assured you are meeting all your legislative requirements and compliance without the need to calculate or review individual medical results.


Create and run reports on compliance, outcomes and cost for each site or health monitoring program. Carelever Monitor features quick and easy to read reports that detail the specific information that key stakeholders within your organisation require.

Better still, Carelever Monitor allows you to customise and build your own reporting templates. This allows you to create templates that contain the exact data fields you require in your reports.

Designed for HR + Health & Safety

Carelever Monitor has been designed to streamline and automate many of the processes that cross over between Human Resources and Health and Safety Departments. Using Carelever Monitor will allow both Human Resources and Health and Safety personnel to more effectively administer your organisations health monitoring programs.


Enjoy unlimited user accounts for your organisation at no additional cost.


Carelever Monitor stores each employees current and previous medical results securely. Quickly and easily locate a copy of an employees specific medical results. No more folders upon folders of saved PDF’s – Carelever handles all your data storage.


 Easily vary the level of access to confidential information by setting different levels of security for different company users.

Revolutionise Your Health Monitoring

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