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Health Professional Careers

We want you to have an opportunity to make a real contribution and develop real world skills. Whether you’re interested in occupational health or occupational rehabilitation, we have a culture where you can develop your skills alongside some of the brightest minds in the industry.

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Occupational Therapists

As an Occupational Therapist, you will assist individuals to engage in meaningful occupations through a client centred approach, which enables optimal health and wellbeing. This includes helping injured or ill workers to facilitate their rehabilitation with an end goal of returning to work.

Accredited Exercise Physiologists

As an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, you will provide a range of occupational health services that ultimately help workers to prevent injuries and/or recover from one that has occurred.


As a Physiotherapist, you will assist individuals with their recovery from a workplace injury. This includes helping injured workers to facilitate their rehabilitation with an end goal of returning to work. You will also complete onsite Physiotherapy to treat and prevent workplace injuries.


As a Psychologist, you will assist employers with the management of a worker with a psychological condition and/or injury. Psychology consults with the worker aim to facilitate a positive return to work whilst minimising the exacerbation of their symptoms.

Rehabilitation Counsellors

As a Rehabilitation Counsellor, you will be responsible for case management of injured workers with respect to job seeking and job placements. Sometimes it is not possible for an injured worker to return to their pre-injury role. In such cases, you will source host placements and complete vocational or transferrable skills assessments to provide a positive return to work outcome.

Occupational Health Nurses

As an Occupational Health Nurse, you will be responsible for conducting a range of nursing specific services including pre-employment, periodic and health surveillance medical assessments, urine and saliva drug and alcohol testing and phlebotomy. You will also be responsible for providing immunisations if you are a registered Nurse Immuniser.

Medical Practitioners

As a Medical Practitioner, you will provide assessment, diagnosis and provision of occupational injuries. You will assess an employee’s work capacity and provide advice on alternative duties or workplace modifications.

Occupational & Environmental Physicians

As an Occupational & Environmental Physician, you are a highly trained medical specialist in rehabilitation and return to work. Using your extensive technical knowledge, you will oversee and provide authoritative opinions on a patient’s condition and the appropriate course of action.


Support Services Careers

As a fast-growing organisation, we have a varied array of roles at KINNECT that will give you an opportunity for real progression all while enjoying a brilliant workplace culture and supportive environment where you can thrive.


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Client Specialists

As a Client Specialist, you will be the face of KINNECT. You will be responsible for reception duties in each of our clinics as well as answering queries that may come in over the phone, through email or our online chat.

Customer Success Officers

As a Customer Success Officer, you will provide a positive working relationship with both our clients and our affiliates (medical centres we are affiliated with). You will provide a complete onboarding experience for all clients and maintain that relationship throughout the client’s lifetime at KINNECT. You will be the the point of call for any issues, changes or discussions.

Medical Support Officers

As a Medical Support Officer, you will be responsible for coordinating the bookings and results for pre-employment, health surveillance and periodic medicals. This role requires exceptional communication from communicating appointment bookings with applicants to speaking with employers regarding applicant bookings and results.

Project Administration Officers

As a Project Administration Officer, you will be responsible for coordinating the delivery of various service delivery projects. This role requires exceptional communication, organisational skills and ability to execute project delivery plans accurately.

Drug and Alcohol Testers

As a Drug and Alcohol Tester, you will be responsible for conducting drug and alcohol screening both in clinic and onsite at various workplaces. This work includes responding to incident/accident test requests.

Occupational Health Screeners

As an Occupational Health Screener, you will be responsible for screening patients during their pre-employment, health surveillance and periodic medicals.

Credit Controllers

As a Credit Controller, you will be responsible for a high volume of transactions with customers who generally have their own systems and requirements that we are required to adhere to in order to receive prompt payment. This position is primarily accounts receivable with some supplier queries.

Marketing Co-ordinators

As a Marketing Co-ordinator, you will be responsible for reviewing website analytics and data for Search Engine Optimisation. Additional responsibilities include keeping website content up to date, writing new content, managing the company’s social media accounts and developing marketing collateral.

Graphic Designers

As a Graphic Designer, you will be responsible for designing webpages and digital marketing content for our website. Additional responsibilities include designing print marketing and documents for onsite projects, designing and building custom online training for internal and external stakeholders and creating video content.

Account Managers

As an Account Manager, you are responsible for the management of sales and relationships with clients. Each Account Manager has their own client portfolio and you will work to maintain the existing relationship with their clients.

Tender Writers

As a Tender Writer, you will support KINNECT’s continued growth by creating and submitting tenders and proposals to our clients for our wide range of health services. You will be responsible for managing and coordinating requests for proposals, including research, the development of high-quality written responses and finalising tender submissions including layout and design.



KINNECT’s strong and stable leadership team sets KINNECT apart from other workplace rehabilitation providera. As we cover the full spectrum of occupational health services, our leaders get a real opportunity to challenge themselves, learn new skills and progress their careers.  

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Team Leaders

As a Team Leader, you will be responsible for the management of a single KINNECT location and work closely with the Area Manager to ensure a high standard of occupational health and rehabilitation service delivery. You will also be responsible for the operational management of team members including coaching, training and supervision of staff.

Area Managers

As an Area Manager, you will be accountable for the management of multiple KINNECT locations to ensure a high standard of occupational health and rehabilitation service delivery. You will also be responsible for profit and loss management for the region, working closely with the Recruitment Specialist and performance development, coaching and management.


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