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KINNECT is now saving trees & your time

Created by KINNECT, Carelever Forms is our proprietary digital medical paperwork used across our clinics and affiliate clinics. It enables our patients and clinicians to digitally enter information on an ipad for Pre-Employment and Health Monitoring Assessments.


Let Carelever save you time, reduce errors and see faster results.



How can Carelever help your business?

Carelever is a SAAS platform that helps streamline and automate the administration of Occupational Health Programs.

Carelever Forms electronic paperwork medicals

Quicker Data Collection

The use of Carelever Forms allows data to be collected quicker which means that you receive results back faster than ever before. There is no longer any need to waste precious time compiling medical paperwork and scanning pages and pages of medical results. Simply enter the data using a tablet or computer and results are submitted with the click of a button.

Quality Assurance

Carelever Forms automatically ensures that all sections of paperwork are filled out correctly (and legibly!). The use of Carelever Forms will not allow the assessment results to be finalised until all mandatory sections are filled out. If the data entered appears incorrect or inconsistent, Carelever Forms identifies this and prompts the clinician to review and make corrections as necessary. This inbuilt automation reduces human error and guarantees that we get it right the first time, every time.

Carelever Forms quality assurance

customisable electronic forms for medicals


Our Carelever Forms database is customisable and automatically links with Carelever Screen and Monitor. Our customisations include the incorporation of any company specific paperwork you may require.

Data Analysis

Carelever Forms captures all health data and stores it in your company database. This data collection brings value and life to the health information collected as part of your Pre-Employment Assessment program. Through data analysis, you are able to identify areas for improvement within your recruitment strategy as well as the health of your workforce.

data analysis electronic medicals

dynamically changing electronic forms logic medical

Dynamically Changing Forms

Carelever Forms has the ability to alter itself dependent on the health data imported to ensure any abnormal results are immediately identified. For example, if a candidate records a blood pressure reading higher than the accepted cut-off, Carelever Forms will automatically prompt the clinician to take further readings for comparison purposes.

Customise Your Risk Appetite

Every company is different when it comes to risk. With Carelever Forms, you get to customise the minimum requirements for particular tests and how that result will influence the outcome of the assessment.

pre-employment medical risk matrix electronic forms

environmentally friendly electronic paperwork forms

Environmentally Friendly

Paper products contribute significantly towards man-made climate change and deforestation, along with producing greenhouse gases. We have eliminated our paper products to assist in reducing Australia’s environmental footprint.


Carelever is a platform that tracks your Occupational Health Services, making it easy to keep your people safe.

Learn how you can streamline and automate your occupational health programs with Carelever.

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