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Return to Work Made Simple

Developed by KINNECT, Carelever Manage offers a smarter and more convenient way to handle files for your ill and injured employees.

injury management services provider

Carelever Manage takes care of the administrative tasks related to case files, ensuring that your ill and injured employees have the optimal chance to return to work safely.



How can Carelever Manage help your business?

Carelever Manage provides you with real-time data and complete transparency, enabling more effective management of the return-to-work process for ill or injured workers and ensuring progress in the right direction.

Work smarter & faster

  • Check status of employees at the click of a button
  • Benefit from our machine learning technology to accurately predict fitness injury recovery timelines
  • Create your own management reports

Never miss a beat

  • Store all your case files, certification and correspondence in one place
  • Ensure the right people get the right updates
  • Collaborate with all the stakeholders on a file
  • Use the platform for work and non-work-related injuries

Real time data without the wait

Knowing the exact status of an injured worker, let alone several at one time, can be challenging. Carelever Manage gives you full oversight of the data relating to your injured workers and allows you to view information in real time. Full transparency means that you see what we see, allowing you to keep your finger on the pulse.

Want to know the status of a worker? Don’t call or wait for an email or phone update. Simply log-on to Carelever Manage to check on the status of the file when it is convenient for you and get on with your day.

Information at your fingertips

Carelever Manage equips you with the complete toolkit for overseeing the return-to-work process. It empowers you to track the status of individual files, consolidating all activities and actions conducted by external providers into a single, accessible location.

As a central portal for critical information, Carelever Manage encompasses everything of significance. From the existing return-to-work or suitable duties plan to case notes, certificates, and medical reports, it ensures you never lose sight of vital documents again. With Carelever Manage, document management is a breeze.

Track the journey and next steps

With Carelever Manage, you can effortlessly access the file’s strategy with just a click. You’ll have a comprehensive view of the file, including notes, reports, and plans, which will provide valuable insights into the progress of the rehabilitation journey. This allows you to gauge the worker’s current capacity and understand the planned next steps, enabling you to stay in control of their return to work.

Furthermore, Carelever Manage offers real-time feedback data, including Net Promoter Scores, from the worker, the insurer, and yourself as the employer. This real-time feedback provides the assurance that everything is proceeding according to plan.

User Friendly Features

Carelever Manage is packed with great features to ensure you are always on top of the return to work journey.

Flexible use

Carelever Manage can be flexibly deployed enabling you to manage both work and non-work related injuries.


Carelever Manage streamlines your working partnership with KINNECT. Contribute your own notes and reports to the file as required, providing visbility to our consultants and vice versa.


At the click of a button you can select who gets communication updates. These contacts can be edited at any stage, ensuring the right people always receive the right communication.

Mobile friendly

Carelever Manage is mobile-friendly platform which means you can get the updates you need wherever you are, whenever you need them.

Regain control over your workplace injury and health management files.

Book a demo and learn how Carelever can help your business.


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