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KINNECT can attend your site / office to provide the expertise of an injury management advisor on your behalf.


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How it Works

We will manage all aspects including liaising with all stakeholders, managing treatment and rehabilitation needs, return to work and independence with activities of daily living. This service may be used to fill a gap between recruitment, long term leave or any other event that you may cause your organisation to have the need for in-house injury management expertise.

Our experience with rehabilitation and return to work services forms the basis of our clinical expertise. We have successful delivered injury management services across multiple industries for greater than 19 years. During this time we have developed key principles that we believe make significant difference in the injured workers rehabilitation, the insurers’ management of the claim and the employers’ logistical and financial burdens. These include:

  • Education for the injured worker on the nature of their injury and the appropriate rehabilitation, management and work progression;
  • Regular communication with all stakeholders to ensure issues are addressed as they arise;
  • Liaising with other allied health professionals and medical practitioners on file to ensure that the same message is being provided to the injured worker;
  • Regular updating to the insurer and employer so they are aware of the injured workers progress and any challenges or barriers that have been identified; and
  • Prompt actioning of referrals, timely communication and submission of reports and plans to ensure that continuity of care is maintained and return to work goals are achieved.

We are experienced in handling challenging files where there are issues of compliance and difficulties in negotiation. Having proved that we can produce successful outcomes despite additional challenges, KINNECT can ensure a return on investment if engaged.


  • Allied health professional with extensive Case Management expertise
  • Relevant worker’s compensation state/federal legislation knowledge
  • Professional expertise driving outcomes
  • Our understanding of how HR and IR relate to case management for both work and non-work related cases
  • Expertise in initial needs assessments, plan development, monitoring and management to ensure sustainable and durable outcome
  • Support for site / workplace for a safe and timely return to work for worker due to injury or illness both work related and non-work related

On Call Injury Management Service

KINNECT offer a priority on-call injury management service available 24/7 to ensure continued care and management of your workforce at all times.

In the event that a Return to Work Coordinator (RTWC) is contacted following a workers injury, the RTWC can meet the injured worker and accompany them to their first doctor’s appointment / review. After this review, KINNECT will follow internal injury management guidelines and processes to ensure timely communication with all relevant parties and a long term sustainable outcome for the worker in question.

In the event that the injured worker insists on seeking treatment from a medical practitioner of their choice (as is allowed in WA), our RTWC would also accompany the worker to this appointment, ensuring:

  • Work demands where accurately presented
  • Appropriate return to work options such as suitable, restricted or alternative duties discussed
  • Doctor imposed work restrictions are thoroughly considered and understood

In the event that an employee is injured at work and requires offsite medical review/treatment KINNECT will:

  • Contact the employee immediately and explain the injury management process
  • Explain to the employee their rights and responsibilities under the Workers’ Compensation ACT and if required provide him / her with a Workers Compensation Claim Form
  • Obtain the employees authority to obtain and release information (verbally and signed consent)
  • Conduct an initial assessment and determine capacity to work, communicate estimated time frames for return to work with the employee’s supervisor and site representatives
  • Communicate with the treating medical practitioner to share / obtain information relevant to planning for a safe return to work
  • Advise compensation insurer of a potential new claim and forward signed Workers’ Compensation Form, First Medical Certificate and the Employer Report for within 3 days of receiving the completed claim form from the employee
  • Maintain regular contact with employee and keep case files detailing discussions / communications.
  • Facilitate the development of a formal SDP by liaising with the employee, the supervisor and the treating medical practitioner (key parties) to determine suitable duties and outline work restrictions that will be included in the SDP.
  • Conduct a SDP case meeting with the key parties to discuss and sign the SDP and outline each individual’s respective roles and responsibilities.
  • Communicate progress with Supervisors and the Treating Medical Practitioner and initiate modifications or changes to the SDP based on feedback provided by key parties.
  • Where a return to work is difficult or unlikely initiate referral to an Occupational Physician or approved WRP for assistance.
  • Close the case once the employee has successfully completed the return to work program and has been deemed by the medical practitioner to be fit for normal duties.

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Onsite Injury Management - Half Day

$900.00 + GST

Four hours of Injury Management & proactive Occupational Health services delivered onsite by an experienced Occupational Rehabilitation Consultant.

Onsite Injury Management - Full Day

$1,750.00 + GST

Eight hours of Injury Management & proactive Occupational Health services delivered onsite by an experienced Occupational Rehabilitation Consultant.

Onsite Injury Management - Hourly

$225.00 + GST

Injury Management & proactive Occupational Health services delivered onsite by an experienced Occupational Rehabilitation Consultant via an hourly rate.


What qualifications does an Onsite Injury Manager hold?

KINNECT employ tertiary qualified Allied Health Professionals including:

  • Occupational Therapists
  • Accredited Exercise Physiologists
  • Physiotherapists

All KINNECT clinicians hold extensive experience in managing workplace injuries and achieving successful return to work outcomes.


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