Stretching and Warm Up Programs

As a means of further lowering the potential for soft tissue injury, KINNECT has developed ‘SmartStretch’, an onsite pre-start warm up program for employees. This program incorporates stretches and exercises that are specific to the job demands and work related discomforts experienced onsite. The program is delivered in small groups of 10-20 people and is comprised of a small theory component but a large practical component to ensure practical behaviour change where appropriate. ‘Stretch Champions’ are selected and these individuals receive additional training so that they can conduct the stretching program daily thereby ensuring the programs durability.

To reinforce the benefits of both the Stretching Programs and Manual Handling Workshops, KINNECT have developed awareness material to be distributed to workers, further encouraging behavioural change.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does "Train the Trainer" work?

To ensure the stretching programs durability, individuals can be selected to become Stretch Champions/Stretch Leaders. These individuals will receive a 1 hour seperate training session during which they receive comprehensive one on one training on the stretches and exercises and the safe delivery of these. These Stretch Leaders are also educated on common technique faults made by participants and how such faults can be addressed.

Is there risk of injury associated with the stretches?

KINNECT’s Stretching Programs incorporate static and dynamic stretches and/or exercises that are of low impact and/or force. These stretches have been chosen to ensure the safety of participants and carry a low risk of injury.

All exercises and stretches prescribed are demonstrated at the time of training and those participants with incorrect technique are educated on the correct form to further eliminate any associated risk.

What resources does KINNECT have to support the program?

KINNECT have developed a range of resources to help with the success of workplace stretching and warm up programs. Such resources include:

  • Stretching Posters
  • Stretching Booklets
  • Stretching Videos