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Your Worker. Your Business. Our Expertise.

Employers have looked to KINNECT for greater than two decades to provide transparent, customised and Employer focused return to work solutions. We want you to feel secure in the knowledge that you have chosen an organisation that is driven by the goal of matching your business’s needs, resources and culture, to the recovery at work rehabilitation needs of your injured worker.

Leverage your skills with our multi-disciplinary team of highly skilled, Allied and Medical Health Professionals that are passionate about creating tailored return to work services that deliver sustained, measurable outcomes.

Minimise your insurance premiums, your direct and indirect financial losses through a business partner that delivers timely, evidence based  management of a workers return into the organisation following injury and/or illness.

You can depend on KINNECT to look after your best interests; we’ll be there to navigate you through the whole journey.

Replace Uncertainty with Control

KINNECT understands that there may be a level of uncertainty that accompanies one of your employees being injured at work.  We understand that as an employer your focus is on delivering your core business. We remove uncertainty through clear, honest communication, through strong negotiation and mutual goal setting with all parties.

Be provided with real-time transparent information regarding the management and return to work progress of your injured worker, via frequent communication from our Clinicians or unbridled access to our online recovery at work platform, Carelever.  Never feel the need to ask the question, ‘what is happening?’. Know what your rights and obligations are, what the clear plan is to ensure a return to work and how we are tracking on executing the goal.

Have KINNECT guide your organisation in the development of policies and procedures with respect to injury management and return to work.  Let us assist in building capability internally within your organisation to support current and future workers should they become ill or injured at work.

Be assigned an Account Manager, a dedicated point of contact should your business needs change or should you require immediate assistance.

Make the Complex Simple!

Don’t be confused or overwhelmed by ‘medical speak’.  We understand that you may not work within the Health Industry and therefore may not understand how a worker’s diagnosis impacts the day to day operation of your business and the short and long term management of your injured worker.  Let KINNECT synthesise the many sources of medical information, translate and communicate it into concise and clear language what it means for the business moving forward, taking into consideration your available resources and operational needs.

Get the strategic oversight you need

For National Employers dealing with several workplace rehabilitation cases at once,  our National Account Management structure will give you the oversight you need.

The data, combined with connections at a strategic level are designed to maximise the opportunities to share learnings and insights. This is a powerful platform to take a more proactive and strategic approach to your business’s health need.

Your Industry, Our Experience.

Like every business, every industry is unique.  Each industry has its own nuisances, challenges and needs.  Thankfully KINNECT holds extensive experience and proven capability in the delivery of Recovery at Work outcomes across all industries within Australia, especially:

construction worker injured return to work


manufacturing worker injured return to work


agriculture worker injured return to work

Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing

utilities worker injured return to work

Utilities Services

mining worker injured return to work


retail worker injured return to work


transport and logistics worker injured return to work

Transport and Logistics

healthcare worker injured return to work

Healthcare and Social Assistance

administrative worker injured return to work

Administrative and Support Services

Accommodation Services

hospitality worker injured return to work


oil and gas worker injured return to work

Oil and Gas

Partnership Not Provider

Are you looking for a partner to support you in the management of the ongoing health and wellbeing of your workforce?  KINNECT does not view ourselves as an external provider. We look for partnerships with our valued customers.


This is easily achieved by assigning KINNECT as your Preferred Provider under your Workers Compensation policy. Assignment of a Preferred Provider is free, however ensures that you establish  KINNECT as a long-term business partner, a partner who understands your business needs, practices and processes, ensuring consistency with respect to the provision of recovery at work services.


Be assigned the same clinician/s, preventing the need to re- explain your business and work requirements should the need for the management of an injured worker arise. Have confidence that you are working with a provider focused on reducing the costs associated with work-related injuries (injuries and premiums), all while ensuring the productivity of the workforce is maintained.

Rest easy knowing that our Clinicians are seen and not just heard from while managing your worker.  Unlike many providers, our clinicians are not ‘paper pushers’.  We do not manage an injured worker via the telephone or emails.  There is no secret in achieving a successful return to work for an individual having sustained an injury and/or illness – engagement, guidance and support in person and on the ground.

Making a referral

It’s easy to get the ball rolling. Make your workplace rehabilitation referral right here from our website.

Make a Referral

Frequently Asked Questions

If this is your first referral to KINNECT, welcome!

Our Frequently Asked Questions will help you through the steps and explain what happens next.  

What details will I need to make a referral?

When making your referral, you’ll need the following details: 

  • Your details and your company’s details 
  • The Worker’s details including their Date of Birth 
  • Details of the Insurer and Claim Number (if the worker has an accepted workers compensation claim) 
  • Details about who should receive the invoice (this could be the Insurer or your Company if you are self-funded) 
  • Details about the injury or illness including any medical certificates or reports you have 
  • Details about the service you need (if you know this information already or are familiar with Workplace Rehab service, but don’t worry if you don’t) 
  • Details about the worker’s role including a position description, job dictionary or job task analysis (if you have one) 
  • Plus, anything else you think we need to know about the situation 

What happens next?

Once you’ve submitted the form, the details will be picked up by the Workplace Rehabilitation lead that is matched with your location. You’ll hear from us within 24 hours to confirm we have your referral and outline the next steps. 

When will the service be scheduled?

We aim to schedule your service as quickly as possible after we get your referral, normally within 48 hours, however this can sometimes be delayed if we are particularly busy in your area. We’ll keep you up to date if we think there is going to be a delay.  

Paying for the service

For most of our clients, their insurer will foot the bill for any services so you won’t need to worry, but if you are self-funded, you might want some more information about how this works. You won’t need to pay at the point of the referral. Once we know what services you’ll need, we will let you know the costs and then you’ll have a choice to pay via Credit Card or we can invoice you instead. 

If you want to pay via invoice, you’ll need to set up a Credit Account with KINNECT. That’s really easy too and you can find more information via this link

Talk to us

We know you might like to talk to us to learn more before making your referral. If you’d like to chat to a real person, use our contact form and we’ll give you a call.

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