What is a Preferred Provider?

Workers Compensation Insurers offer companies the opportunity to nominate a Preferred Provider under their policy, meaning that should injury rehabilitation and return to work service be required, all referrals will be issued to that provider.

By assigning KINNECT as your Preferred Provider you establish a long-term business partner, focused on achieving the best possible Return to Work outcomes for your injured people. By having a thorough understanding of your business operations, procedures and processes, KINNECT can assist your company in the delivery of Return to Work Services, ensuring consistency with respect to the Return to Work outcomes achieved.

Assign KINNECT as your Preferred Provider

Key Benefits

  • Reducing the costs associated with a work-related injury (wages & premium);
  • Improving presenteeism and productivity of the workforce;
  • You will work with the same clinician where possible, saving you time as no explanation of your business and work requirements is necessary;
  • Proving capability – through the outcomes achieved with your existing staff with their return to work following injury; and
  • Our KINNECT guarantee – we do what we say or it’s free.

Assign KINNECT as Your Preferred Provider

Setting KINNECT as your Preferred Provider is FREE and can be done by completing this form.

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