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There are multiple and interacting biological, psychological and social barriers that a person who is recovering from a psychological injury may face in returning to work.

A Psychological Capacity Evaluation can help if an employee is experiencing a psychological injury, or having difficulty returning to work due to psychological issues.


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What is a Psychological Capacity Evaluation?

A Psychological Capacity Evaluation (PCE) determines whether an individuals’ psychological health may impact on their ability to safely carry out their duties at work as well as assessing an individuals’ capacity to perform various psychological or cognitive tasks with respect to their role.

Conducted by a KINNECT Psychologist, this assessment offers a baseline measurement of an individual’s current symptoms and fitness for work. Psychological Capacity Evaluations are performed by one of KINNECT’s Registered Psychologists with extensive experience in workplace rehabilitation and injury management in addition to psychological injury counselling.

The challenges faced may include:

  • Physical and mental capacity, activity level and work demands,
  • Personal perceptions, beliefs and behaviour relating to work,
  • Workplace relationships with management and co-workers,
  • Supportive conditions at work and attitudes towards health and disability,
  • Experiencing ongoing symptoms of the illness.

A Psychological Capacity Evaluation can provide you with clarity over the underlying return to work barriers and the employee’s current capacity for work with respect to the required physical demands of the role.

How it Works

The assessment itself is conducted over three hours. We utilise evidence-based psychometric tests that are highly valid and reliable.

This allows our psychologists to deliver an objective and standardised understanding of an individual’s current function including:

  • Symptom severity;
  • Ability to think clearly, concentrate, and plan tasks; and
  • Ability to interact with colleagues effectively.
Following the assessment, our Psychologist will complete a detailed report detailing:
  • The assessment results
  • The psychologist’s opinion on the individuals’ capacity to return to work, taking into consideration any medical advice
  • Recommendations on any next steps including treatment and/or changes to suitable duties.
Psychological injury management workplace return to work

Frequently Asked Questions

We would recommend engaging Psychological Capacity Evaluation in the following circumstances:

  • When medical professionals/treatment providers need more clarity to guide treatment and rehabilitation
  • When individuals remain unfit for extended periods, or the Return to Work progression is affected
  • When psychological symptoms worsen or do not improve over time
  • Prior to an Independent Medical Evaluation to provide greater objective evidence.

The report is highly detailed and will cover:

  • Presentation of the issue/s
  • History & psychological history
  • Treatment
  • Current Symptoms
  • Stressors / Precipitating Factors
  • Relieving Factors
  • Social Support & Relationships (Protective Factors)
  • Upcoming Medical Appointments
  • Return to Work
  • Psychological History
  • Depression, Anxiety & Stress Scale

Psychological Capacity Evaluations are performed by one of KINNECT’s Registered Psychologists with extensive experience in workplace rehabilitation and injury management in addition to psychological injury counselling.


Psychological Capacity Evaluation - Assessment & Report

$1,350.00 + GST

Psychological Capacity Evaluation delivered by registered KINNECT Psychologist including an Evaluation Report.

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