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“Occupation Rehabilitation is a really rewarding career and it wasn’t something I was fully aware about while at University. You really get to help people holistically and improve their whole life.”

Justin McMenamin, Accredited Exercise Therapist
KINNECTer since 2018

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Justin's Career Story

I was recruited by a university friend (and now former KINNECTer), Xavier Frost and joined after a stint in private practice for a role in Gladstone. At the time, my partner had just got a job on the Sunshine Coast so moving to QLD from Victoria was a great opportunity.

Having spent nearly a year in Gladstone and travelling every weekend to visit my partner on the coast or family in Victoria, I asked for a transfer to the Sunshine Coast and was great timing that the business was growing and a role was available.

While in Gladstone, I supported a lady who had been locked up at home for 3 years with mental health problems as a result of bullying. Within 6 months, I helped her into a new job with a new employer. It was pretty amazing and a powerful insight to the change we can help make at KINNECT.

I’m usually up at 5 and start the day with coffee and making lunches for myself and my partner. I’m at work by 7:30 to get cracking on emails. If I’m meeting clients, I like to get this done in the morning and then return to the clinic in the afternoon to complete Return to Work plans and the necessary admin and desk-based work. On-site work mixes things up though so it’s a good variation.

Definitely the people and the culture. It’s a great work environment with great people. We take our work seriously but we also really know how to have fun. People say all the time that it’s like a family, and it really is.

It’s a really rewarding career and it wasn’t something I was fully aware about while at University. You really get to help people holistically and improve their whole life. As a career, it suits people who are great with people, but also equally good at admin and keeping organised.

Ashlie's Career Story

After spending a few years in private practice (both in athletic / sports related practice and supporting people with metabolic conditions), I was looking for my next challenge. Occupational Health looked particularly interesting to me as it combines both the behavioural and motivational side with the physical.

I started in the Brisbane Clinic and learned about and was exposed to all the different services KINNECT offers really quickly. I also spent some time in the Rockhampton clinic where we see clients with quite different occupations, another great learning experience. Two years on, I’ve just been promoted to a Team Leader role which is super exciting.

Well it has to be stepping into my new team leader role. I love what I’m doing right now. I’m inspired everyday by what the team can do and what we can achieve.

My role involves collaboration with the team on a daily basis to problem solve together and work to achieve the best outcome for the client. We are a multi-disciplinary team and our different specialities and experiences mean we bring different perspective and can really learn from each other while helping the client. I also love the coaching side of developing the team. I also manage my own case load, have responsibilities for the clinic and generating further business.

Without a doubt it’s that collaborative culture where we are all working together for the best outcome. Working as a multi-disciplinary team is gives us all so many opportunities to learn and develop our skills.

That it is significantly rewarding and there is a lot of job satisfaction in what we do. Occupational Rehabilitation is great career for people who really want to help individuals whilst contributing to macro-level changes within the workplace. The focus is much more holistic and comprehensive than say working with a client in the gym. 

Stephanie's Career Story

I started as a new grad Physio at KINNECT in 2014 and joined the clinic in Gladstone. After two degrees I had massive student loans and was really keen to get settled in a regional area and start working.

Initially, I was solely treating musculoskeletal injuries and providing some onside Physiotherapy services for various worksites. Some personal reasons contributed to me moving from Gladstone and then moving interstate, but I rejoined KINNECT when the opened their first office in New South Wales. For me, it was perfect as coincided with a shift to providing Occupational Rehab as I had started to find the hands-on Physiotherapy work very physical and very demanding. And that’s where I still am today!

Well there are plenty but the FIFO work I’ve done at KINNECT has taken me to some pretty cool places. I’ve worked at the Detention Centre in Nauru, Gold Mines in WA and Coal Mines in QLD and NSW. These opportunities have suited the little traveller in me. I’ve also had the opportunity to teach Pilates classes with different employers.

It’s pretty varied: I do some onsite work, some clinical work and often find myself working from home at the moment which is really cool.

For me it’s the flexible rosters, varied work environments and lots of opportunities to grow and develop your skills.

Starting out as a Physio, I aspired to work with sports people and thought this would be very glamorous. However, I found it was just too physical for me and I was beginning to resent that. In Occ Rehab I’ve found the perfect compromise. You still very much get to educate, help and empower clients, and it’s hands on without being so hands on. You get to witness the biomechanics/ ergonomics that may be causing the persons pain and that can help so much more than a massage. I also find the preventative nature of what we do really interesting as I like tackling those bigger level challenges.

Culture at KINNECT

Our industry leading culture is at the core of everything we strive to achieve. Our cultural norms describe the ways in which our employees interact with each other and with our clients.



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