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Introducing the Emerging Leaders Program cohort for 2024 – and they’re keen to learn

On 7 February, KINNECT’s Emerging Leaders Program welcomed its fourth cohort of enthusiastic learners with a kick-off day in Brisbane, with participants coming from around the country.

The ELP, first run in 2021, was created by KINNECT’s CEO Kevin Conlon to nurture leadership talent and encourage people to excel in their current roles or advance into leadership positions as the business continues to expand.

“The ELP is not just about cultivating leadership skills; it’s about fostering a culture of curiosity, collaboration, and continuous personal and professional growth.

This year is the first time the program has started with an in-person event which we added based on feedback from last year’s cohort. We were privileged to have Dave Baswal the CEO of Ovolo Group share with us his insights with us about leadership, most importantly the importance of being curious in your career, and also in life. 

The 2024 Emerging Leaders Program cohort at the kick off day

“I am looking forward to observing the transformative impact the program will have on our participants over the next ten months. Their aspirations, from understanding the intricacies of our business processes to enhancing their leadership and problem-solving skills, are a testament to their dedication and potential. The ELP is more than a training program; it is a stepping stone in their personal career trajectories.” Kevin said.

Developed and run entirely in-house, the program is delivered via two, one-hour sessions each month, plus a monthly reading assignment of a specially selected business or self-improvement book. The ELP’s structure and content enables KINNECTers who are eager to develop personally and professionally to learn how the business works in a highly relevant way and develop leadership and communication skills that can be used in any role, from support services to service delivery roles.

Each year, a new cohort is selected via an application process which is open to KINNECTers from every part of the business, from medical support to service delivery, customer success and business services like finance.


ELP goals and aspirations for 2024

List of 2024 Emerging Leaders Program participants


From the Emerging Leadership Program, I am hoping to develop leadership skills to foster my personal growth as a Consultant. This program offers an exciting opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals, fostering a dynamic environment for learning, development, and gaining insights from experienced leaders.
Janna Riordan
Lead Consultant & Accredited Exercise Physiologist


I am doing the ELP to push myself and to learn new things, by developing an understanding of private work and the business sector, but specifically to increase my awareness of why KINNECT processes are the way they are.
Trudi Boss
Lead Consultant & Occupational Health Nurse


Although I’m nervous about the amount of reading the program involves, I’m super keen to jump in and develop professionally and personally!
Jody Levine
Executive Assistant


I am an OHS Nurse from Belmont and I am very excited for this 10-month program. I hope this program will be able to provide me with the foundations of being a great leader and mentoring a team. It will be great to have support from people all across Australia and utilise some skills and expertise from our top leaders in the company. I hope this program provides me the skills to progress in my role as an OHS nurse.
Bella Parsons
Lead Occupational Health Nurse


For me it’s to excel at leadership at KINNECT.
Michael Vainer
Team Manager – Melbourne


My primary goal is to get a comprehensive skill set that includes effective leadership, strategic decision making, and collaborative problem solving.  I am hoping to leverage this experience to enhance my professional capabilities, broaden my connections and contribute constructively to KINNECT’s objectives.
Deanne Davis
Medical Support Team Leader – Pre-Employment Results


I hope to incorporate new concepts and ideas into my leadership style and development. As a relatively new starter at KINNECT, I hope to learn practical implementation of these concepts specific to the organisation.
Kristen Luby
Team Manager & Physiotherapist – Gold Coast


I hope that the ELP will provide me the knowledge and skills to pursue my current career to develop myself as a consultant and build on my understanding of the way that KINNECT functions as a business. In particular, I would like to learn more about finance, business goal setting, discipline, and execution.
Rhys Thesalonikeos
Senior Consultant & Accredited Exercise Physiologist


I am excited and grateful for the opportunity provided to me by KINNECT to learn about business and leadership – two areas I have a growing interest in. As a young woman and aspiring business professional, I believe this program will not only contribute to my professional growth within our company, but more broadly to have a positive impact on my ability to navigate the wider fast paced social environment.
Zaliha Hanna-Idris
Rehabilitation Consultant & Accredited Exercise Physiologist


I’m hoping to get insights into how the Executive Leadership Team works to gain an understanding of KINNECT’s business operation, finance and marketing. I also want to improvement of my leadership and business skills within the KINNECT set up.
Ben Orwell
Senior Consultant | Accredited Exercise Physiologist


We’ll follow the group throughout the year and bring you updates on their progress and the insights they gain from the program.