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When it comes to pre-employment medicals, KINNECT offer a truly different experience. Our systems and online platform allows us to engineer out many of the human errors commonly experienced in the industry. We have analysed the way in which pre-employment medical programs are delivered and identified innovative solutions to improve service delivery. At KINNECT, we can provide you with a quicker, smoother and more positive experience.

With our national footprint and innovative cloud based pre-employment platform, you can mobilise staff quicker while minimising future risk.

Booking Process

KINNECT have a dedicated pre-employment team consisting of greater than 30 pre-employment bookings, results and quality assurance consultants. Our consultants are highly experienced and will ensure that you receive both quality service and the quickest turnaround times possible.

KINNEC pre employment medicals

Please note, pathology and/or imaging tests will increase the turnaround time for results.

We understand that you may prefer a certain method of booking your pre-employment assessments. For this reason, KINNECT offer a variety of ways to request a pre-employment booking including:

  • Online booking portal – Carelever Screen
    Carelever Screen can be accessed through our website. Should you wish to have access to KINNECT’s online booking portal, please contact us.
  • Phone
    Should you wish to make your pre-employment bookings over the phone please feel free to contact one of our booking consultants on 1300 546 632. Phone bookings can be made between our normal business hours (Monday – Friday, 7:00am – 5:00pm in each local time zone).

Pre-employment bookings can be conducted during business hours. However, we understand that during times of high operational need and/or recruitment, that you may require after hours services. KINNECT are able to accommodate such needs on request.

Appointments can be conducted at either one of our 12 KINNECT clinics or 350 affiliate clinics across Australia and New Zealand. In the case of limited coverage or remote locations, please contact us and we can identify potential options in your area.

Additionally, we work with our clients to design job specific customisations for pre-employment testing. An example of this is using data obtained from a job dictionary to inform functional testing requirements. This ensures that the testing is as realistic as possible to the job you are recruiting for.

We want to ensure that your experience with KINNECT is a positive one. For this reason, we have a dedicated customer success team that provide on-boarding prior to your commencement with us. As part of your on-boarding, you will receive a phone call from one of our customer success officers to run through any questions you may have. During your first few weeks with us, our customer success officer will check in with you to make sure that your transition to KINNECT is seamless. This team will act as a point of contact for any future queries you may have in relation to your on-boarding.

Let KINNECT create health certainty for your workforce

At KINNECT, a standard pre-employment medical assessment includes a medical examination, drug and alcohol testing, spirometry, vision and audiometry.

In addition to pre-employment medical and functional/musculoskeletal assessments, we also offer the following services:

These services can be booked either complementary to a pre-employment medical or as a stand-alone service.

Mitchell Services

KINNECT have partnered with Mitchell Services since 2015 and our scope of work includes delivering pre-employment medicals, functionals and coal board medicals nationally. Since 2015, we have successfully delivered over 1000 pre-employment assessments for Mitchell Services.

Mitchell Services Limited (ASX: MSV) is Australia’s leading provider of drilling services to the global exploration, mining and energy industries. These services extend across three key drilling divisions: exploration, mine services and underground.

Mitchell’s proud history dates back to 1969. Since inception, they have built a reputation for delivering safe, efficient and proactive drilling services in over 12 countries.

Their state-of-the-art fleet is currently positioned in key exploration and mining centres throughout Australia including Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia. From these regions they mobilise to all corners of Australia as well as internationally.

Our Locations

      HS Health Surveillance Services KINNECT P Pathology PA Pre-Employment Assessments R Radiology

      Other Medical Services

      Queensland Coal Mine Workers Health Scheme

      Legislative occupational medical examination required for all coal mine workers, currently working in Queensland.

      NSW Order 43 Medicals

      Legislative occupational medical examination required for all coal mine workers, currently working in New South Wales.

      Health Surveillance Medicals

      Legislative health assessments for workers exposed to specific hazardous environments and/or substances.


      There are many industries that can benefit from using a pre-employment medical or functional assessments to assess the suitability of the candidate for a position, identify and/or manage risk. The main industries in Australia using our pre-employment assessment services are:

      • Mining
      • Oil & Gas
      • Building and Construction
      • Manufacturing
      • Hospitality
      • Airlines
      • Transport and Logistics
      • Councils and Shires of Australia
      • Retail and Warehousing

      KINNECT can help you meet your legislative requirements, by incorporating relevant legislative medical assessments into the pre employment process. KINNECT can also assist in the reporting of results to relevant government departments.

      KINNECT recognise that organisations are typically comprised of two distinct work groups (that is white collar and blue collar employees). KINNECT also appreciate that traditional Pre-Employment Medicals for white collar employees may not provide your organisation with significant value with regards to risk mitigation and/or return on investment, rather result in unnecessary expenditure, given the minimal health risk associated with the performance of such roles.

      It is for this reason that KINNECT have developed ‘SmartHealth’, an online medical history questionnaire which has been designed to assess the health risks of non-manual employees across an organisation quickly and cost effectively.  KINNECT’s ‘SmartHealth’ survey allows low risk employees to undergo an online health screen that is quick, comprehensive, user friendly and secure.  The results from a ‘SmartHealth’ screen are instant and will allow you to assess whether further investigation or a full comprehensive medical and/or functional assessment is required.

      Should you wish to receive a trial of our SmartHealth medical history questionnaire, please contact us.

      Carelever Screen

      Carelever Screen returns the control of pre-employment medicals to the HR professionals. It allows you to submit referrals, track the status of these requests from booking through to results, all in real time and with 100% transparency.


      • Real Time Tracking – Carelever allows you to submit referrals and track them all in real time and with 100% transparency.
      • Dashboards – We’ve designed a simple user friendly dashboard that provides you with a quick overview of the status of all your referrals.
      • Key Performance Indicators – We understand that turn around times are one of the most important factors in the delivery of a pre-employment assessment. It is for this reason, we track every minute of every referral which is visible on your dashboard.
      • Company Defaults – Set multiple company defaults for communication contacts, paperwork, billing and medical requirements.

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