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When it comes to pre-employment medicals, KINNECT offer a truly different experience. Our systems and online platform allows us to engineer out many of the human errors commonly experienced in the industry. We have analysed the way in which pre-employment medical programs are delivered and identified innovative solutions to improve service delivery.

At KINNECT, we can provide you with a quicker, smoother and more positive experience.

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With our national footprint and innovative cloud based pre-employment platform, you can mobilise staff quicker while minimising future risk.


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See how KINNECT can make your Pre-Employment Medical experience easier and less time consuming.

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Save time and reduce data entry by using a platform that is completely tailored to your company. View the status of all your bookings in real time and with 100% transparency.


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KINNECT offer a turnkey Pre-Employment solution designed to eliminate the administrative burden of co-coordinating Pre-employment assessments. Our revolutionary platform, Carelever, knows your companies requirements allowing bookings to be fast tracked with less effort and input from yourself. This combined with our live tracking and chat means no more endless hours spent chasing medical bookings.

Save time in your already busy schedule and rest easy knowing your bookings are progressing quickly to mobilise your candidates.


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KINNECT can coordinate Pre-Employment assessments at one of our 12 KINNECT clinics or 350+ affiliated clinics across Australia and New Zealand. In the case of limited coverage or remote locations, please contact us and we can identify potential options in your area.

Should an affiliate clinic be used, our proprietary technology Carelever Forms will ensure that all data is quality assured in real time. Additionally, all medical results are always reviewed and signed off by our team of Occupational Health Doctors. This ensures the highest standard and quality when determining a candidates fitness for work.

Our Locations

HS Health Surveillance Services PA Pre-Employment Assessments P Pathology R Radiology K KINNECT Coal Industry Medical


      Quick turnaround with clear outcomes

      We understand that in recruitment, time is of the essence. Pre-employment medical assessments are usually the final stage of the recruitment process. For this reason we have developed our processes around providing you with your medical results in the quickest possible time frame. KINNECT prides itself on providing clear fitness for work outcomes and practical restrictions, to facilitate swift mobilisation.

      Have questions regarding your results?

      Have access to our team of health professionals to discuss any concerns regarding a candidate’s medical results.

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      We want to ensure that your experience with KINNECT is a positive one. For this reason, we have a dedicated Customer Success team. Our team provides a comprehensive on-boarding so that your transition is smooth and streamlined.

      Let our Customer Success team customise your platform to best suit your business operations and recruitment processes. Be given the opportunity to provide feedback on a regular basis with our Customer Success team checking in with you periodically.

      Dedicated Account Manager

      All clients are assigned a dedicated Account Manager, providing both technical and operational support when required. Your Account Manager is available via direct phone or email. Regular meetings will ensure we continue to understand your business requirements.

      Live Chat

      Nobody likes sitting on hold waiting for an answer. Use our live chat feature in Carelever to gain instantaneous access to those personnel managing your bookings and results. Continue working and be alerted when there is a response to your query.

      Our Pre-Employment Offering

      KINNECT offers an extensive range of pre-employment services. Our services allow you to customise your assessment to best suit your business risks and meet legislative requirements.

      Medical Assessments Available

      • Medical History Questionnaire
      • Epworth Sleep Questionnaire
      • Mental Health Questionnaire
      • Blood Pressure
      • Vision Testing
      • Audiometry Testing / Workcover WA Audiometry Testing
      • Spirometry Testing
      • Cardiovascular System Examination
      • Neurological System Examination
      • Ear Examination
      • Skin Examination
      • Abdomen Examination
      • Urinalysis
      • Instant Drug and Alcohol Test
      • Lab Drug and Alcohol Test
      • ECG
      • Blood Tests

      Musculoskeletal Assessments Available

      • Pre-Employment Functional Assessment
      • Cardiovasular Fitness Test
      • Musculoskeletal Screen
      • Musc & Fitness Test
      • Range of Motion
      • Grip Strength
      • Positional Tolerances
      • Lifting and Carrying

      Coal Mine Medicals Available

      • Queensland Coal Board Medical / Coal Mine Workers Health Assessment
      • NSW Order 43 Coal Mine Medical
      • Mines Rescue Medicals

      Driving Medicals Available

      • Commercial Drivers Medical – QLD
      • Commercial Drivers Medical – NSW
      • Commercial Drivers Medical – WA
      • Commercial Drivers Medical – VIC
      • Commercial Drivers Medical – SA
      • Commercial Drivers Medical – TAS
      • Commercial Drivers Medical – NT
      • Commercial Drivers Medical – ACT

      Site Specific Medicals Available

      • Chevron Medical
      • Rio Tinto Medical
      • Glencore Medical
      • Peabody Energy Medical
      • Evolution Gold Medical
      • Gladstone 3 Site Medical
      • Boyne Smelters Medical
      • RTAY Medical
      • QAL Medical
      • MMG Medical
      • Minjar Gold Medical
      • South32 Medical

      Hazardous Exposure Medicals Available

      • Respirable Crystalline Silica Medical – Mines & Quarries
      • Respirable Crystalline Silica Medical – Safework Australia
      • Asbestos Medical
      • Isocyanate Medical
      • Lead Medical
      • Confined Space Medical

      Our Customers


      Mitchell Services Limited (ASX: MSV)

      Mitchell Services Limited (ASX: MSV) is Australia’s leading provider of drilling services to the global exploration, mining and energy industries. These services extend across three key drilling divisions: exploration, mine services and underground.

      KINNECT have partnered with Mitchell Services since 2015. Our scope of work includes delivering pre-employment medicals, functionals, health surveillance, injury management and Coal Mine Workers Health assessments nationally. Since 2015, we have successfully delivered over 1000 pre-employment assessments for Mitchell Services.

      Our Results


      Who are KINNECT's Doctors?

      KINNECT has a team of Occupational Health Doctors & Occupational Physicians with extensive experience in various areas of Occupational Medicine.


      Dr. David Parker Chief Medical Officer
      Dr. Graeme Edwards Senior Occupational and Environmental Physician
      Dr. David Wilke Senior Occupational Health Doctor
      Dr. Sanjit Paul Senior Occupational Health Doctor
      Dr. Alex Lapenga Occupational Health Doctor / Occupational and Environmental Physician (In Training)
      Dr. Greg Cameron Senior Occupational Health Doctor
      Dr. Rosemary Knight Occupational and Environmental Physician
      Dr. Tersia De Wilzem Occupational and Environmental Physician
      Dr. Reyno Nieuwoudt Occupational Health Doctor
      Dr. Chris Hasenkam Occupational Health Doctor

      Can I use company specific paperwork?

      Yes. KINNECT is able to support the use of company specific medical paperwork.

      Please note that KINNECT utilises electronic forms which offers greater accuracy and quicker turnaround times. Should you request company specific paperwork be used, this means we will need to use your paper based version or an electronic form for this paperwork can be created (additional fees apply).

      We do request that you contact us prior to making your booking should company specific paperwork be required.

      Can KINNECT perform bulk medical assessments onsite?

      Yes. KINNECT is able to attend your workplace to conduct medical assessments. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

      Can KINNECT help customise our medical and functional assessments?

      Yes. KINNECT holds significant experience in the development of tailored Pre-employment Medical and Functional assessments.

      Additional Legislative Resources

      KINNECT can help you meet your legislative requirements, by incorporating relevant legislative medical assessments into the pre employment process. KINNECT can also assist in the reporting of results to relevant government departments.


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