KINNECT offer a range of Pre-employment, periodic and health monitoring medical services conducted conveniently onsite at your workplace.


How it Works  Scheduling


This service is of particular benefit for organisations seeking to assess a large volume of individuals in a short time frame, or where downtime due to employees needing to undertake a medical assessment is not operationally viable.  KINNECT can conduct a range of medical services onsite including:

How it Works

KINNECT propose the below approach with respect to the delivery of onsite medical assessments, however this can be modified to ensure that we best meet your company’s needs.

  • KINNECT to supply a team of health professionals (Allied Health Clinicians, Occupational Health Nurses and/or Doctors) to attend your workplace over a set duration
  • KINNECT to supply all required testing equipment and consumables
  • KINNECT to coordinate all appointments including notification of and communication with candidates
  • KINNECT to supply medical results via email and via upload into Carelever (KINNECT’s online cloud based pre-employment and health surveillance platform)


The number of assessments completed in a day is dependent upon the required medical, functional and/or health monitoring assessment completed. However, KINNECT is able to supply multiple personnel to ensure that all assessments are completed within your desired timeframes.

As a guide, please see below for an approximate number of assessment that can be completed and the required personnel for such assessments.


Personnel Required Assessments Completed
Per 8 Hour Day
 Assessments Completed
Per 10 Hour Day
Pre-Employment Medicals 1 x Occupational Health Nurse  8 Assessments 10 Assessments
Pre-Employment Medicals
+ Functionals
1 x Occupational Health Nurse
1 x Allied Health Clinician
10 Assessments 12 Assessments
Periodic Medicals 1 x Occupational Health Nurse 8 Assessments 10 Assessments
Health Surveillance
Monitoring Assessments
1 x Occupational Health Nurse 10 – 16 Assessments 12 – 20 Assessments
Functional Assessments 1 x Allied Health Clinician 16 Assessments 20 Assessments


What if a candidate misses their appointment on the day?

In the event that an applicant is unable to attend during the scheduled onsite assessments, KINNECT is able to coordinate for the assessment to be completed at one of KINNECT’s Clinics or an affiliated partner clinic, whichever is closest to the individuals place of residence.

What facilities are required?

As KINNECT will provide all testing equipment and consumables, all that is required from the company is the availability of a private room for the purpose of testing. The room should have sufficient space to accommodate a plinth, a small desk and some seating. Access to a bathroom is preferable, especially if drug and alcohol testing is required.


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