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Isocyanates are hazardous chemicals that are extensively used in the manufacturing of polyurethane foams, rubbers, plastics or the use of varnishes, adhesives and paints.

Exposure to isocyanates may result in severe adverse health effects.  As such it is a legislative requirement that Health Monitoring be provided to workers should they be exposed to isocyanates as a result of their work activities.

Isocynate Health Surveillance Programs must be conducted under the Supervision of a medical practitioner with experience in health monitoring.

A health monitoring program for a workers with exposure to isocyanates should involve:

  • Baseline health monitoring assessment at the commencement of employment
  • Periodic health monitoring assessment after six weeks of intial exposure
  • Periodic health monitoring assessment every six months  (should no adverse health effects be identified after 12 months, periodic health monitoring assessment can be carried out annually thereafter)
  • Exit health monitoring assessment at the termination of isocyanate exposure.

Common work activities whereby individuals may be exposed to Isocyanates and as such would require health monitoring includes:

  • Manufacturing operations. Example the manufacturing of polyurethane foams, synthetic rubbers, plastics production, insulation making, furniture making and cores for foundry castings
  • Spray painting operations. Example spray painting and spraying of resins, lacquers and adhesives containing isocyanates
  • Welding of pipe work
  • Varnishes. Example timber floor finishing


Carelever leverages the power of technology to automate or eliminate many of the time consuming administrative tasks associated with the management of Health Surveillance programs.

Carelever Monitor

Our cloud based health surveillance software makes managing your health surveillance program a breeze. Using Carelever you are able to:

  • Book a Health Surveillance Assessment for an employee anywhere in Australia
  • Store the health data for each employee
  • Compare the latest results against previous tests or baseline test
  • Identify employees who are showing a change in health and are at increased risk of occupational related injury/illness
  • Notification for the next periodic health surveillance test (e.g. 6 months, 12 months or 2 years)


KINNECT have 12 conveniently located clinics distributed throughout Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia. In addition, KINNECT have greater than 350 Medical Affiliates nationally and internationally. This allows us to coordinate Isocyanate Health Monitoring Assessments in geographical regions close to where an employee is located.

Should we not have existing coverage in areas in which you require assessments to be performed, KINNECT will source an Affiliate provider to ensure seamless service provision.

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      It is not compulsory for a workers isocyanate exposure to be measured by a urinary isocyante metabolite test. However, a medical practitioner may request such test should it be indicated with urine samples following the isocyanate task.

      KINNECT holds extensive experience with the evaluation and monitoring of isocyanate medicals. KINNECT currently coordinates Isocyanate Health Monitoring programs for many large multi-national organisations.

      KINNECT’s Occupational Health Doctors involved with the review and monitoring of isocyanate medicals, hold membership with Royal College of General Practitioners and have extensive Occupational Health experience (25 years+) providing Pre-Employments, Hazardous Substance Surveillance, Injury Management and other Occupational Health Services within the construction industry, transport industry, mining sector, defence and Government.  Our Doctors hold a competency level 4 with respect to the Health Surveillance for all hazardous substances, including isocyanates.

      Legislative Standards

      Safe Work Australia

      Health monitoring requirements for workers exposed to Isocyanates

      WorkSafe Victoria

      Isocyanate health surveillance: A health and safety solution

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