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A Pre-Employment Functional Assessment is an evaluation of an individuals physical capacity to safely perform the critical demands of their job role. It is KINNECT’s experience that Pre-Employment Functional tests provide maximum benefit when based upon the specific physical demand requirements of an applicants proposed or existing job role.

It is standard practice for KINNECT to develop job specific functional testing protocols in which the high risk functional demands of a specific role is in part or in full assessed at the time of the functional assessment.  Job specific functional assessments can be developed on review of your companies existing Job Task Analyses (JTA’s).  In the event that your companies JTA’s are not available or the existing documents do not provide the appropriate objective information from which job specific testing paperwork can be devised, KINNECT can update or develop new JTA’s so as to ensure the most comprehensive risk mitigation procedures are applied.

Hire the Right Candidate

Improved ability in identifying if a potential or existing employee has the functional capacity to perform key critical functional demands of their proposed role.

Meet OHS Legislative Requirements

Greater focus on assessing an individual’s specific ability to safely perform the inherent requirements of the role, as opposed to performing a ‘general’ screen of movement and subjective factors.

Validity and Reliability

Greater validity and reliability with regards to testing components and procedures.

Identify Risk

Improved identification of functional deficits that can be appropriately managed through risk management practices should you wish to pursue employment.




You log your referral online via Carelever.




Applicant instantly contacted via text message, requesting their availability.



Appointment Scheduled

Once applicant confirms their location and availability an appointment will be booked within 8 business hours. Appointments are made within 1-3 working days from referral date, pending applicant availability.



Appointment Reminder

Applicant receives appointment time reminder via text message 24 hours prior to their appointment.




Pre-Employment assessment takes place.




Results are sent and can be accessed in Carelever within 8 business hours after the assessment is completed.

Our Locations

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      Depending on the level of assessment, most Pre-Employment Functionals take between 30 and 60 minutes.

      There are many industries that can benefit from using a pre employment functional assessment, the main industries in Australia using our services are:

      • Mining
      • Oil & Gas
      • Building and Construction
      • Manufacturing
      • Hospitality
      • Airlines
      • Transport and logistics
      • Councils and shires of Australia
      • Retail and warehouses

      KINNECT are a national and international provider of Pre-Employment Functionals. KINNECT can arrange a Pre-Employment Functional in over 140 locations in Australia and New Zealand. KINNECT conducts Pre-Employment Functionals in the following locations:

      • Brisbane, QLD
      • Perth, WA
      • Sydney, NSW
      • Melbourne, VIC
      • Darwin, NT
      • Adelaide, SA
      • Canberra, ACT
      • Mackay, QLD
      • Townsville, QLD
      • Gladstone, QLD
      • Rockhampton, QLD
      • Sunshine Coast, QLD
      • Gold Coast, QLD
      • Cairns, QLD
      • Emerald, QLD
      • Geraldton, WA
      • Karratha, WA
      • Newman, WA
      • Port Headland, WA
      • Mandurah, WA
      • Albany, WA
      • Broome, WA
      • Dubbo, NSW
      • Tamworth, NSW
      • Gunnedah, NSW
      • Dalby, NSW
      • Moranbah, NSW
      • Roma, QLD
      • Singleton, NSW
      • Woolloongong, NSW
      • Lismore, NSW
      • Orange, NSW
      • Mount Isa, QLD
      • Maryborough, QLD
      • Bundaberg, QLD
      • Kingaroy, QLD
      • Glenden, QLD
      • Cannonvale, QLD
      • Gympie, QLD
      • Toowoomba, QLD
      • Port Macquarie, NSW
      • Taree, NSW
      • Wagga Wagga, NSW
      • Geelong, VIC
      • Blackburn, VIC
      • Bendigo, VIC
      • Morwell, VIC
      • Portland, WA
      • Hobart, TAS
      • Burnie, TAS
      • Devonport, TAS

      Pre-Employment Assessments can be completed during the hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday.

      KINNECT’s bookings and results personnel are available and will attend to all enquiries between the hours of 7:00 am to 5:00 pm.

      KINNECT understand however that at times you may require services to be conducted outside of these hours including weekends, especially during times of high operational need and/or recruitment.  KINNECT are able to accommodate such needs on request.

      We provide goal oriented and outcome driven Pre-Employment Medicals that are:

      • Prompt and Timely
      • Communication Focused
      • Programs that are Specific to your Needs
      • Objective and Evidence-Based
      • Proactive and Self-Managed
      • Cost Effective

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