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If your employees are working in an environment where they’re exposed to noise levels that require they wear hearing protection, then you have a legislative requirement to ensure a health surveillance program is in place. A health surveillance program which includes baseline and periodic audiometry testing will ensure that you are meeting your legislative requirements and that early intervention and treatment can be provided to any employees who are identified to have occupational induced hearing loss.

KINNECT provides a turn key system to implementing and managing your ongoing health surveillance requirements. This system is called Carelever.

Our cloud based health surveillance software makes managing your health surveillance program a breeze. Using Carelever you are able to:

  • Book an Audiometry Test for an employee anywhere in Australia or New Zealand
  • Store the audiometry test data for each employee
  • Compare the latest audiometry test results against previous test or baseline test
  • Identify employees who are showing a shift in hearing and are at increased risk of occupational induced hearing loss
  • Notification for the next periodic audiometry test (e.g. 6 months, 12 months or 2 years)

Carelever is our custom built cloud based software. Over the past 2 years we have developed Carelever into an online platform that helps employers to manage their Occupational Health needs. If you are looking to implement a health surveillance program for your employees exposed to noise, then Carelever is your solution. Our clients use Carelever to book their health surveillance tests and manage the health data that comes with each test. Carelever will store each employees health data and allows for comparison of previous test data. This process ensures we are able to monitor the ongoing health status of each of your employees and that you are meeting your health and safety obligations as an employer.

Clinic Based Audiometry Testing

KINNECT offer a national audiometric testing service that is conducted either directly from our KINNECT clinics or through our affiliate network of 200+ Medical Centres in Australia and New Zealand.

Onsite Audiometry Testing

KINNECT’s Audiometry testing can be conducted conveniently onsite at times that suit your organisation. Please note, that KINNECT does not offer a mobile van service, rather conducts testing in a quiet environment onsite with the use of specialised equipment.

KINNECT are an accredited provider of WorkCover WA Audiometric testing. Under this scheme, any audiometric testing performed for Western A/ustralian workers needs to be done by an accredited tester who follows a predefined process using accredited equipment.

If your workers are required to use personal hearing protection to protect them from hearing loss associated with noise exposure, then your company has specific obligations under the WHS Regulations to manage the risks of hearing loss by:

  • Ensuring that a worker is not exposed to noise that exceeds the exposure standard for noise;
  • Providing audiometric testing to workers1.
  1. Managing Noise And Preventing Hearing Loss At Work: Code Of Practice. Safe Work Australia, 2015. 

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