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Many workplaces are moving to working from home arrangements as a result of COVID-19.

It is important that employers ensure employees working from home have a safe and suitable work environment. KINNECT offers Home Office Ergonomic Assessment services that can be conducted easily via video conference.

How it works

COVID-19 employee health risk screening

Online Survey

Each employee completes an online working from home checklist which captures important information regarding the employees workstation setup, safety and equipment. Photographs of the workstation are also submitted. This information is then reviewed by one of our Allied Health Consultants (Occupational Therapist, Accredited Exercise Physiologist or Physiotherapist) prior to the video conference occurring.

Telehealth home ergonomic assessment via video (1)

Video Assessment with Allied Health Consultant

Employees will undergo an assessment of their home workstation via video conference with an Allied Health Consultant. During the assessment, the consultant will provide the employee with practical advice on how to setup their workstation correctly and discuss strategies to reduce the risk of developing an ergonomic related injury whilst working from home. The worker will be provided with a brief summary report in addition to handouts on best practice ergonomics and stretches.

COVID-19 employee health risk screening


Following the video assessment, you will receive a summary report that provides you with a record that the employees working from home environment has been audited and an ergonomic assessment has been completed. The report will also detail any recommendations for additional ergonomic equipment that the employer may consider purchasing for the employee whilst working from home.

COVID-19 Services for Workplaces

Explore our range of COVID-19 services to help workplaces manage their COVID-19 risk.

Proactive screening of large workforce’s is one measure a workplace can take when continuing to operate during the pandemic.

KINNECT can provide an onsite service to conduct workforce screening for COVID-19 risk factors – body temperate and signs/symptoms questioning, in addition to educating the workforce on risk mitigation strategies.

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It is inevitable that at some stage in the coming months, workplaces will have employees who recover from COVID-19 and will want to return to work.

Employers should have appropriate procedures in place to ensure that any employee returning to work following recovery from COVID-19 is safe to do so, without placing any other employees at risk.

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Employees may have pre-existing medical conditions that place them at increased health risk should they contract COVID-19.

It is important that employers, appropriately assess the individual health risk of each employee in order to identify employees that may require modifications to their job role in order to reduce their health risks associated with COVID-19.

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Given the recent events of COVID-19, Employers have the need to effectively monitor the health of their workforce daily, identify those with potential symptoms, all to reduce the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak.

KINNECT have developed a COVID-19 health screening tool that can be used to evaluate an employees health status and COVID-19 risk daily. The screening tool is best used at the commencement of each shift, as it will identify those employees who are safe to proceed with their normal work duties and those that require medical attention and/or self-quarantine. The health declaration form can be used by team leaders and supervisors who are performing COVID-19 screening of their workforce each day.

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Given the recent events of COVID-19, Employers have the need to effectively manage and respond to, suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Provide your workforce with access to a 24/7 Hotline to receive expert medical advice and guidance with respect to suspected and/or confirmed cases of COVID-19. Prevent the widespread outbreak of COVID-19 within your workplace and mitigate further financial loss.

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Home Office Ergonomic Assessment - Video

$225.00 + GST

Assessment of an employees work environment and safety when working from home.


We recognise that access to expert Occupational Medical advice right now is critical in helping organisations make appropriate decisions that impact their employees’ health and wellbeing. 

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