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In the current and post-COVID-19 climate, technology and data is your company’s greatest tool for achieving a successful return to the workplace while also ensuring the safe operation of ongoing activities. Data collection and technology is efficient, effective and widespread to assist organisations in implementing return to work plans across organisational levels while protecting information and privacy.


As Australian businesses and workers return to work and resume operations in the wake of coronavirus (COVID-19), workplaces require platforms that capture and aggregate individual worker’s data for the overall health of the organisation. For the purpose of reducing risk exposure to COVID-19, companies need to evaluate each and every worker’s levels of engagement, communication and risk awareness and education. Risk awareness and education will be the primary determinant for returning to work and continuing to operate under specific standards and guidelines.


Our company has custom built such a platform for the purpose of screening, monitoring and managing our clients’ workforce’s health and associated data sources. As Australia’s leading privately-owned and operated Occupational Health and Rehabilitation provider, our primary objective is to ensure health certainty in the workplace. As a result, KINNECT has developed a number of tools and assessments that applies technology and data collection in equal measure to see organisations safely through the COVID-19 pandemic.


Technology to return to work during covid-19 (1)


Employers need to effectively monitor the health of their workforce to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Businesses must have established procedures to ensure that workers displaying symptoms are appropriately managed and that those returning to work, following recovery from COVID-19, are safe to do so without risking exposure to others.


To ensure a successful return to work, COVID-19 workplace practices and procedures must comprise of:


    • Assessment of workers’ present physical state;
      • Evaluating the physical state of your workers allows organisations to assess the individual and group risk presented. Capturing biometric data is an applicable tool to ensure no undue risks are being created and, when paired with demographic data, symptoms and exposure, employers can perform their duty of care principles while safeguarding organisational operations.


    • Assessment of customers’ and guests’ present state;
      • Geographically, individual workers may stay in the same work location, but business clients and guests are likely moving from different locations. As a result, the capability to assess guests’ physical state/symptoms and track their potential exposures is needed for future collaboration and access to site.


    • New standards and guidelines;
      • Companies must instigate guidelines for social/physical distancing, personal protective equipment (PPE), sanitisation and other hygiene and disinfectant processes to ensure safe COVID-19 practices. Checklists and tracking programs will have a greater role in enforcing new standards and guidelines for operations. This assists companies in demonstrating transparent and safe health practices to internal personnel, clients, visitors and the general public.


    • Review and analysis of trends and activities; and
      • Evaluating and analysing the data accumulated through biometric testing, assessments and daily reporting provides the opportunity to measure your organisational response to COVID-19 and improve practices. Technology and software are critical to quickly and effectively sorting, flagging and analysing collected data for trends and activities. Implementing and communicating data management and privacy policies to your workforce is particularly important here. For more information, please see our article on ‘Returning Your People to Work During COVID-19’.


    • Management of outcomes while holding stakeholders accountable.
      • In this globalised and digitalised world, data and technology allow workforces to connect with timely and proactive efficiency. Companies have the capabilities to not only monitor results and hold stakeholders responsible, but to make and communicate data-driven and evidence-based decisions.


Carelever COVID-19 workplace health monitoring software


KINNECT’s Technology Helping Companies during COVID-19

Our pre-screening tools link to our online cloud-based platform, Carelever, to quickly and securely aggregate, assess and flag outcomes in-situ to the employee and employer. Our post-screening tools similarly assess the recovered employee using Carelever to ensure the employee is indeed safe to return to work without risk of infecting others.


Pre-screening: COVID-19 Online Health Declaration Form

Our COVID-19 Health Declaration Form is a health screening tool used daily to assess a worker’s health status and risk of COVID-19. The service also includes reporting and access, where required, to our experienced Occupational Physicians.


Pre-screening: Onsite COVID-19 Workforce Screening

Our COVID-19 Workforce Screening can be conducted onsite to screen your workforce for COVID-19 risk factors. The service includes our health declaration form, biometric testing (temperature checks and COVID-19 fingerprick serology point of care testing), symptoms screening and fitness for work determinations by KINNECT’s Medical Practitioners. We will also educate your workforce on hygiene and risk mitigation strategies.


Pre-screening: COVID-19 Vulnerable Employee Health Risk Screening

AHPPC recommends that workplaces undertake an assessment for all workers to determine those who are vulnerable or at risk, allowing appropriate measures to be put in place to manage and ensure the safety of these individuals. Our screening evaluation includes an online health profile survey, reporting, review by KINNECT’s Occupational Physicians and consultation with the employer.


Post-screening: COVID-19 Return to Work Service

Returning an employee to work following a suspected and/or confirmed case of COVID-19 is a difficult and often complex process that requires specialist input and guidance. Companies with an employee returning to work too early can create a substantial risk of a COVID-19 outbreak. The service gives your company direct access to our COVID-19 hotline, advice and reporting, employee health management and symptom diary, and contact with experienced Occupational Physicians.


Management: COVID-19 24/7 Hotline

Provide your workforce with access to a 24/7 Hotline to receive expert medical advice and guidance with respect to suspected and/or confirmed cases of COVID-19. Connecting you to experienced health professionals, directions for contact tracing, employee case management, COVID-19 testing, case updates and access to our Occupational Physicians.


Education: Online Resilience Course

Our Online Resilience Course is developed by our experienced Clinical Psychologists to encourage resilience and mental health wellbeing in work environments. In the current climate, it is of particular value to educate your workforce on mental wellbeing strategies.


Education: Online Education and Awareness Seminars

As the COVID-19 crisis developed in Australia, KINNECT has organised and designed education and awareness sessions presented by our chief consulting Occupational Physician. We provide a breakdown of the latest information on COVID-19 issued by WHO, the Australian Government Department of Health and other leading public health bodies.



KINNECT is a national Occupational Health and Rehabilitation provider that has custom built our own cloud-based platform with the aim of reinventing the way employers manage their occupational health needs.

We have leveraged the power of technology and innovation to establish a unique point of difference in the market, which has assisted many private and public sector employers in safely and securely managing their screening and monitoring requirements during the coronavirus pandemic. Now, more than ever, work health and safety is of critical importance, so we use big data and technology to provide premium services to ensure health certainty in Australian workplaces.



Occupational Health and Safety, How Technology & Data are Being Used to Help Companies Return to Work


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