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KINNECT – Now Offering Accredited WorkCover WA Audiometric Assessments

Announcements 14 Apr 2016

What You Need to Know

KINNECT are an accredited provider of WorkCover WA Audiometric testing. Under this scheme, any audiometric testing performed for Western Australian workers needs to be done by an accredited tester who follows a predefined process using accredited equipment.

If you want to avoid deferring your WorkCover WA Audiometric Assessment to a later date, it is important to get a few things right before attending your assessment.


Travelling to Your WorkCover WA Audiometric Assessment

The method you use to travel to your WorkCover WA Audiometric Assessment matters. If you travel long distances to your assessment in a noisy vehicle, for example, helicopter, propeller plane or motorcycle, your ears will require a period of adjustment of at least 16 hours to return to normal. If your assessment time falls within this period, you will not be able to proceed and your WorkCover WA Audiometric Assessment will be deferred.

If you travel to your assessment in an aeroplane you will often notice that your ears “pop” as your aircraft ascends or descends. It is important to inform your tester if you have not experienced your ears pop as this may also affect your WorkCover WA Audiometric Assessment.


Period Of Quiet

If possible, as far as you have control over the environment you are in, it is important to get at least 16 hours Period of Quiet prior to your WorkCover WA Audiometric Assessment.  A Period of Quiet is any environment you may experience that does not require you to raise your voice in order to have a normal conversation.  A Period of Quiet of 16 hours allows your hearing thresholds to return to their baseline and provides more accurate audiometric test results.



Cold and Ear Discharges

If you have recently experienced a cold or ear discharge and you are due to attend your WorkCover WA Audiometric Assessment, it is important to contact the service provider within a few days of your appointment to discuss if it is still possible to proceed with your assessment.  The reason for this is that any ear infections can affect how well noise is conducted from the auditory canal through to the inner ear, which in turn affects the accuracy of your audiometric test results.



Notifying The Service Provider Of The Worker’s Commencement Of Employment

Finally, if the WorkCover WA Audiometric Assessment is performed on a Worker who is currently employed, then results are uploaded to the NIHL online portal.

However, if the assessment is performed as part of a pre-employment assessment, then the Employer MUST confirm with the service provider that the Worker has commenced employment before the results can be uploaded. If a worker does not commence employment within three months of their WA Audiometric Assessment, then the audiometric results are no longer valid and they will be required attend audiometric testing again.



There are two forms that must be completed in order for the service provider to fulfil all their obligations to WorkCover WA:

Form 18

This form is to be completed by the Employer and a copy provided to the Worker prior to their attendance at their WorkCover WA Audiometric Assessment.  This form notifies the Worker of the date, time and location of their testing and is a declaration by the Worker that they have experienced the required Period of Quiet prior to their assessment appointment.

Form 406

This form provides consent (by the Worker) for the release of audiometric test results to their Employer.  This form is completed at the time of testing.


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