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The chief objective of a vocational assessment is to identify suitable and long term employment options. This is specific to employees made redundant or suffering from injury or illness that prevents them from returning to their previous role or employment. We want the injured employee to return to long term, meaningful and fulfilling employment in a timely manner.

Vocational assessments are a comprehensive evaluation of the injured worker’s transferable skills, qualifications and interests. The evaluation offers vocational guidance and aims to identify potential future employment and/or training options. The assessments are performed by Allied Health clinicians; rehabilitation counsellors, psychologists and occupational therapists.


Transferable Skills Assessment

Transferable skills assessments are used in the vocational assessment process to evaluate the existing skillset and experience of the worker. The assessment takes into consideration the worker’s previous job experience, learned situations, and the environment from which they have acquired skills and knowledge.

Recognising the worker’s prior learnings can broaden the options available for job placement with the same employer – in a different role – or in a new occupation entirely. The Allied Health consultant applies the outcomes of transferable skills assessments to assist in identifying suitable and durable job opportunities.

Vocational Counselling

Vocational counselling is separate from a vocational assessment but is a useful tool used to identify suitable alternative employment opportunities, while also considering the worker’s new circumstance/disability. Injured, ill or recently redundant workers can have a difficult time coming to terms with their new situation; vocational counselling can be important in achieving vocational goals.

Vocational counselling is applied on a case-by-case basis to assist injured workers in adapting to their situation and to transition to new employment. This form of counselling is an effective measure to engage the worker in the vocational assessment process.

Vocational assessment return to work provider job market labour


Sourcing appropriate training and educations options for the worker is critical in finding alternative employment that also integrates the worker’s existing and transferrable skills. Recommendations will also include areas of interest outside of that which the worker has requested, but has the aptitude, skills and experience that may suit. The Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment offers a number of programs that can assist in retraining and educating individuals for the purpose of returning to meaningful employment.


Upon reviewing the outcome of a worker’s vocational assessment, it is the Allied Health consultant’s role to consider a range of suitable and viable employment options. These professionals take into account the occupational satisfaction the worker will attain from the options presented, while also looking at the practicability of these.

Consultants apply labour market analysis and job availability where the worker’s skillset, experience and aptitude suit, and where the level of retraining is appropriate. Vocational rehabilitation combines the identified vocational options and the individual worker’s situation to achieve a successful and long term return to the workplace.


KINNECT is a national rehabilitation services provider. We work with employers, injured workers, health professionals and workers compensation claims bodies to achieve a successful, durable and timely return to work. We offer a range of vocational assessments to best determine the potential future employment and training options available to an injured worker.

We provide both standard and comprehensive vocational assessments performed by our vocational counselors highly skilled psychologists and rehabilitation counsellors, which comprise of:

  • Transferable Skills Assessment
  • Labour Market Research
  • Job Preparation and Job Seeking
  • Detailed Written Report and Communication

KINNECT can also conduct functional capacity evaluations, ergonomic assessments and work environment assessments to assist in identifying suitable employment options. Please note these assessments are not provided as part of our vocational assessments but may be included in the worker’s rehabilitation and return to work plan.

For more information on KINNECT’s vocational assessment services, please see here.



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Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Rehabilitation Provider Procedural Guidelines: Vocational Assessments


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