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Audiometric Testing, or the testing of how well a worker can hear, in Brisbane, Gladstone, Emerald, Mackay, Perth, Cairns or Townsville may be performed as part of a KINNECT Pre-Employment Medical Assessment.

During this testing, a worker is fitted with special headphones as they sit in a soundproof hearing booth and they respond when they hear different frequencies of sound in each ear.  This type of testing determines a workers Hearing Threshold Level (HTL) at different frequencies and is charted in an audiogram (pictured below).

Audiometric testing is used as a screen to determine whether a worker has a possible hearing loss and helps employers to ensure that these workers have adequate hearing protection in the future.

There are many causes of hearing loss, including infections, tumours, structural problems, exposure to certain chemicals and pharmaceuticals (ototoxic substances), ageing, and exposure to loud noise.  Exposure to loud noise from all sources accounts for about 20% of adult-onset hearing loss, although some research suggests that this proportion may be considerably higher.

Occupational hearing loss, or damage to hearing in a work environment, can occur from exposure to very loud noise for a short time or prolonged exposure to moderate noise levels.  Some factors, such as toxic chemicals, may interact with noise to produce hearing loss that is greater than that associated with the combined effects of the individual causes.

Factors that can affect a workers audiogram on the day of testing are things like auditory canals with a build-up of wax, a recent cold or middle ear infection or exposure to loud music within 16 hours of testing.

It is important for workers to see there GP prior to audiometric testing if they need their auditory canals flushed out.  It is also important for a worker to avoid exposure to loud noise without hearing protection for the 16 hours leading up to audiometric testing.

KINNECT can deliver audiometric hearing loss tests in the following cities:

  • Brisbane, QLD
  • Perth, WA
  • Sydney, NSW
  • Melbourne, VIC
  • Darwin, NT
  • Adelaide, SA
  • Canberra, ACT
  • Mackay, QLD
  • Townsville, QLD
  • Gladstone, QLD
  • Rockhampton, QLD
  • Sunshine Coast, QLD
  • Gold Coast, QLD
  • Cairns, QLD
  • Emerald, QLD
  • Geraldton, WA
  • Karratha, WA
  • Newman, WA
  • Port Headland, WA
  • Mandurah, WA
  • Albany, WA
  • Broome, WA
  • Dubbo, NSW
  • Tamworth, NSW
  • Gunnedah, NSW
  • Dalby, NSW
  • Moranbah, QLD
  • Roma, QLD
  • Singleton, NSW
  • Woolloongong, NSW
  • Lismore, NSW
  • Orange, NSW
  • Mount Isa, QLD
  • Maryborough, QLD
  • Bundaberg, QLD
  • Kingaroy, QLD
  • Glenden, QLD
  • Cannonvale, QLD
  • Gympie, QLD
  • Toowoomba, QLD
  • Port Macquarie, NSW
  • Taree, NSW
  • Wagga Wagga, NSW
  • Geelong, VIC
  • Blackburn, VIC
  • Bendigo, VIC
  • Morwell, VIC
  • Portland, WA
  • Hobart, TAS
  • Burnie, TAS
  • Devonport, TAS

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