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DATE 13 Feb 2018
AUTHOR Jess Hopley

KINNECT’s Commitment to Councils Strengthened by Local Buy Appointment

KINNECT are excited to announce they have been appointed to the Local Government Association Arrangement (Local Buy) supplier panel under the Business Management Services contract (BUS 249-0515), for the provision of Workplace, Health and Safety and People, Performance and Change Management services. This newly appointed arrangement will see KINNECT deliver a range of Occupational Health Services to Government entities in Queensland and Northern Territory including, but not limited to:

For a full list of KINNECT’s services available to Councils and Local Government Authorities click here.

Local Buy provides the Local Governments of Queensland and the Northern Territory and their respective Customers, with a Register of Pre‐Qualified Suppliers (RPQS) for the supply services to assist them in managing their individual requirements.

“Having worked with approximately 30 of Queensland’s Regional and City Councils, KINNECT have extensive expensive in the delivery of tailored Occupational Health services to Local Government. We are excited of our appointment to the Local Buy Panel as we feel it will enable us to continue and further strengthen our relationships with and delivery of services to Local Councils” says Clark Hopley, KINNECT Director.

Local Buy established LGA Arrangements are an “exception” under the Regulation which allow a Local Government to contractually engage KINNECT’s services, without first requesting written quotes or undergoing arduous tender processes. Purchasers using Local Buy established LGA Arrangements are fully compliant with the Local Government Act 2009 and Local Government Regulation 2012, in their purchasing activities.

KINNECT have begun their involvement in the Local Buy Arrangement as of the 1st February, 2018.