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The three reasons why KINNECT achieved #1 ranked provider for OES in Victoria

Announcements 20 Apr 2023

By James Buckley, State Manager, Victoria

At the beginning of April, KINNECT achieved the #1 ranking of workplace rehabilitation providers for Original Employer Services in the WorkSafe Victoria scheme. What this means is that over a rolling 12-month period, we were able to help more workers sustainably return to their pre-injury employer faster than any other provider in Victoria.

WorkSafe Victoria’s panel includes more than 20 providers, all of whom deliver top quality services in order to retain this status. Given KINNECT is relatively new to the Victorian panel, having only been included since 2016, many of our customers – or those considering working with us – might be wondering how we reached #1 so quickly.

We’re humbled by this achievement, but we’re not surprised. At KINNECT, we know this success is the direct result of our relentless focus on three key areas: Finding and retaining the right people; an active approach to oversight and development and; leveraging client-centric technology.


  1. Finding the right people

Since entering the Victorian market, we have been diligently building, nurturing and expanding our Victorian team of KINNECTers.

We actively recruit, and work hard to retain, leading healthcare professionals who are passionate about making a difference for injured workers and enjoy supporting them through the process, end-to-end.

We facilitate and encourage flexibility wherever possible and have processes in place to ensure all staff are given opportunities to learn new skills, try different things and grow with KINNECT throughout their careers.


  1. An active approach to oversight and development

Finding the right people is a crucial first step, but then the real work begins. On the national level, KINNECT has spent more than two decades leading the workplace rehabilitation field and is well-aware of the nuances that impact genuine, sustainable return to work pathways.

The ability to recognise and address these nuances is part of what sees our team deliver true impact for individuals, insurance providers and organisations day-in, day-out.

As each new KINNECTer joins and begins work in the field, we have a team of experts on-hand to nurture and support them in developing assessment and clinical reasoning skills of the highest calibre. Our Team Managers and Lead Consultants provide structured and regular support, helping Consultants to improve performance, offering constructive feedback on their work and helping them identify opportunities for professional development.

We also conduct collaborative case reviews to ensure clinical best practice is applied to every case that comes across our desks. The strategy of each case is studied in-line with the principles of workplace rehabilitation, and key actions identified to progress the case towards a sustainable outcome. These strategies are then communicated with stakeholders to ensure everyone maintains a clear understanding of the steps being taken and why.


  1. Client-centric technology

We measure success in client centricity, not billable hours. This ensures our teams remain focused on actions that deliver the most value to individuals, helping them through return to work or facilitating recovery at work.

The framework supporting these individuals, their employers and our workforce is our proprietary software platform, Carelever. Carelever was developed and is continuously improved to ensure it provides data-driven insights of genuine value. We benefit from 25 years’ worth of workplace rehabilitation data that helps us understand – and focus on – the activities that contribute the most to sustainable return to work and recovery at work outcomes.

If you would like to learn more about the ways KINNECT is decreasing the personal, social and economic costs of workplace injury, give us a call on 1300 546 632.


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