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Our integrated model supporting worker wellbeing.

KINNECTed Care is a unique model which utilises the expertise of an Occupational & Environmental Physician, integrated with the support of Treating Doctors and Rehabilitation Consultants, in a connected approach to support patient rehabilitation and recovery.


KINNECT Care is a model that is delivered nationally. If you are under the Victorian Worker’s Compensation Scheme, KINNECTed Care is delivered under the Wellbeing Support Service.

We know that everyone is different and everyone’s recovery journey is unique.

KINNECTed Care is puts the patient at the centre and ensures the support tailored to their exact needs.

For Workers

KINNECTed Care provides you with a more connected approach to get you back to health and back to life.

How it works

1. Meet your Consultant.

When you’re referred, you’ll meet your KINNECT Rehab Consultant. Their primary focus is on you and understanding everything about your injury and your diagnosis, your recovery to date, the support you have at home and at work and your individual goals. They’ll help identify your needs and create a plan to help you regain your health and get back to life. Your consultant will also answer any questions you have about KINNECTed Care process and how it works.

2. Meet your KINNECT Doctor.

We think getting to know each other is important. That’s why you’ll get a Telehealth Call (video or phone) from our KINNECT Doctor just to check in and say hi. Your doctor is a workplace rehabilitation specialist (imagine a Cardiologist but for Rehab). They will also call your treating doctor to check in too.

3. Medical Case Conference.

After the Case Conference, your KINNECT Rehab Consultant will support you with the recovery plan. They will be there for you every step of the way to ensure support is organised, treating professionals are kept up-to-date with your plan, and everything is progressing in the right direction.

4. Implement your recovery plan.

Your Rehab Consultant will organise a Medical Case Conference involving you, your KINNECT Doctor and your Treating Doctor. The purpose of this is to get everyone on the same page about your recovery plan and agree the support and next steps that will help you.

5. Back to health, back to life.

The goal of KINNECTed Care is to get you back to health and back to life. Your goal might be making a full return to work; it might mean exploring new employment options or even just being able to do normal activities around the home again. What this looks like is up to you.

Need more support?

If something doesn’t go to plan or you have a set-back in your recovery, your KINNECT Consultant can circle back in with your treating doctor and the KINNECT Doctor and adapt your plan. If you need further support this will be organised for you and we’ll help you get back on track.

For Treating Doctors


Your patient may be referred to KINNECT for many different reasons. The purpose is to provide connected support to get them back to health and back to life.

How it works

1. Your patient meets their consultant.

Your patient will meet with their KINNECT Consultant where a thorough assessment of their needs will be attained. KINNECT Consultants are expert in facilitating conversations using biopsychosocial model and gently probing the potential barriers to an individual’s recovery journey.

2. Introductory call with KINNECT Occupational Physician.

Ahead of the Medical Case Conference, the KINNECT Occupational Physician appointed to the case will arrange an introductory call with you as the patient’s Treating Doctor. The purpose of the call is to explain the process and answer any questions. A similar call will also be made to your patient.

3. Medical Case Conference.

The Medical Case Conference will be attended by the patient, you (the treating Doctor), the KINNECT Occupational Physician, and KINNECT Consultant. The goal of the session will be to discuss and agree the recovery plan and any additional support that may be needed.

4. Implement the patient’s recovery plan.

Following the Case Conference, the KINNECT Rehab Consultant will work closely with the patient to implement the recovery plan. As the patient’s treating doctor, they will keep you (and any other health professionals involved in the case) up to date on progress that is made. The Rehab Consultant will continue to liaise with you about the progress in capacity or updates to certification that may be required in line with the plan.

5. Back to health, back to life.

The goal of KINNECTed Care is to get patients back to health and back to life. For some people this might be making a full return to work, for others it might mean exploring new employment options or even just being able to do normal activities around the home again.

Need more support?

If something doesn’t go to plan or there is a set-back in the patient’s recovery, the KINNECT Consultant will circle back in with you as the Treating Doctors and the KINNECT Physician for further advice and guidance and to adapt the plan. A further Medical Case Conference can be arranged if required.

For Agents & Insurers


In just one step, you can get a fully integrated approach for supporting workers with secondary mental health claims.

A seamless approach

Adaptable to all jurisdictions

The KINNECTed Care model is flexible and can be used across jurisdictions and for different schemes.. Just chat to us about how we can make it work for you.

Lower claim costs

With KINNECTed Care you can achieve an increased ability to certify recovery at work, lessening the period of incapacity which ultimately contributes to lowering the cost of the claim.

For Employers


With one referral you get an integrated approach focused on recovery at work.

A win for everyone involved

Improve productivity

With a focus on certification, KINNECTed Care aims to lessen the time that the worker is on a claim. Ultimately, this helps people get back to work sooner and improves your business productivity.

Improved Health Literacy

KINNECTed Care supports businesses to improve their health literacy around supporting workers with mental health conditions.


For Workers

  • An additional specialist to support your recovery in a ‘team approach’ to enable your recovery.
  • Integrated support so that if problems arise, the plan can be adapted.

For Treating Doctors

  • Translate theory into practice on the health benefits of good work using evidence-based practice,
  • Build capacity for ‘recovery at work’ and build confidence dealing with mental health conditions in wider practice.

For Insurers

  • Earlier involvement of Occupational Physician expertise will help guide the recovery for complex cases.
  • More timely outcome achieved and lower costs overall for Insurers.

For Employers

  • Integrated support focused on the worker enabling them to get back to work sooner
  • Improve your ability to manage mental health conditions

Why KINNECTed Care?

We know navigating Worker’s Compensation is difficult and Occupational injuries can be complex. KINNECTed Care brings special expertise in way that supports everyone involved; patients, the rehab consultants and treating doctors.

There is robust evidence that early intervention can support sustainable outcomes and we know that the involvement of a ‘recovery at work’ specialist, such as an Occupational & Environmental Physician, can help make progress in even the most complex of cases. KINNECTed Care integrates the expert support from the Occupational Physician at an earlier stage.

Meet our Doctors

Our Occupational Physicians are experts in workplace rehabilitation.

KINNECT employs an expert team of Occupational Physicians that work closely with our Rehabilitation Consultants to deliver KINNECTed Care.

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