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Published Thursday, 12th July 2018

Gladstone Regional Council is a local government area in Central Queensland, employing great than 700 personnel. It covers the following shires: Calliope, Gladstone, Miriam Vale and Agnes Waters.


Gladstone QLD


The development of 45+ Job Dictionaries for field and office based roles within several divisions of the council. The development of job specific pre-employment testing protocols based upon the physical and environmental demands identified.


  • Successful delivery of 45 Job Dictionaries within an 8 month time frame
  • Successful use of “rolling review”, whereby 3 to 5 assessments were completed weekly, these assessments being forward for review and feedback, at which time another set of job dictionaries were completedy
  • The development and implementation of job specific Pre-Employment Testing protocols and paperwork
  • The streamlining of Gladstone Regional Councils injury management and return to work processes

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