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It is important that workers realise cooperation is a vital part of the claim process. Under the Act, workers are obligated to work with WorkCover Queensland, their employer and doctors to ensure that all claim decisions are made with all information available. Cooperating with all parties allows for workers to obtain appropriate medical treatment and rehabilitation in the shortest amount of time possible. If completing the claim process quickly and smoothly is important to you, there are a few aspects of the claim process that you can better understand.

Your Responsibilities

As a worker, your duties during the claim process include:

  • Completing all required forms in full.
  • Informing WorkCover of all condition updates and treatment changes.
  • Giving WorkCover all the necessary and current workers’ compensation certificates.

It is important to note that you will only get access to workers; compensation benefits if all forms and certificates have been presented.

During the Claim Process:

You need to be forthcoming and not misleading in any way during the entire claim process. This means that all information you make available to WorkCover must be true and not embellished. You are also obligated under the Act to inform us if you are already receiving Centrelink payments.

If rehabilitation programs are recommended, you must participate and complete them in full. Rehabilitation is an obligation during the claim process if it has been made a requirement for you.

You have to inform WorkCover in advance of returning to work of any type. This includes all forms of employment from self-employment to working for another individual. You have to inform us of any work activities even if you are not being compensated for your contributions.

If you do not follow these requirements during the claim process, your workers’ compensation benefits can be suspended as a result of non-compliance. It is also possible for you to be prosecuted under the Act if one or more of these requirements are not followed. If you do not fulfill your rehabilitation requirements, it is possible to avoid penalties by offering a satisfactory explanation for non-participation.

How Are Claims Evaluated?

Not all claims that are filed with WorkCover will be accepted or approved. When an application for compensation is received, all facts are considered and a decision to reject or approve the claim is contingent upon you having Queensland employment, submitting an application in advance of deadline, and if your injury is found to be caused by a work-related event.


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