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KINNECT turns 26! A look back on 7 key achievements from 2022

Milestones 30 Nov 2022

As the K-Day clock ticks over another year, KINNECT is celebrating our 26-year anniversary today (30 November 2022) with highlights from the last 12 months. We thank all our people, our customers, partners and suppliers for their continued support. Happy K-Day!

60,000 people helped

Whether it’s been helping people recover at work, getting people into a new job following an injury, monitoring their health at work, or preventing them from becoming injured in the first place, KINNECT has had a busy year. During the past 12 months, between our workplace rehabilitation services, health surveillance, pre-employment, occupational medicine and injury-prevention services, KINNECT has helped over 60,000 people to date. We’ve also found time to help others too. We’ve been working with a new charity partnership with Ngak Min Health, tackling indigenous health equality in the Cape York Peninsular (more about that here).

95 new KINNECTers joined the business

As KINNECT continues to grow, we welcomed 95 new people into the business so far this year. Health professionals that have joined us include Psychologists, Occupational Health Doctors, Occupational Physicians, Physiotherapists, Accredited Exercise Physiologists, Occupational Therapists, Occupational Health Nurses, Rehabilitation Counsellors and Paramedics. KINNECT has even recruited our first Osteopath!  Five of our talented consultants were nominated in ARPA workplace rehabilitation awards this year. Furthermore, we’ve recruited new team members to our growing support services team, and to our specialised services teams too. This year, the volume of work we’ve completed for our top customers has risen by 35% so building additional capacity within our service provision continues to be a high priority.

15 leaders internally promoted

It’s the KINNECT way to always recruit internally wherever we can. During the past year, 15 KINNECTers were promoted to leadership roles within the business. 12 KINNECTers also joined our Emerging Leaders Program to ensure the organisation continues to have the leadership capabilities it needs to support our rapid growth. Some of these individuals are already in leadership positions, whilst others are just starting their journey. This is the highest number of graduates we have had to date and we look forward to sharing more of their stories soon.

92% of our team are accessing flexible working arrangements

This year we set a goal for 75% of our staff to access flexible working arrangements and surveyed the team to find out how many were actually access these benefits in a way that works for them. We discovered that 92% of staff were accessing flexible working which is extremely encouraging. Flexible working has always been part of our DNA. In the early years, KINNECT didn’t even have physical offices so the team were used to working where they could. Today, flexible working is the norm with so many KINNECTers working when and where it suits them.

80+ Customer NPS Score at record levels

Our skyrocketing NPS scores are testament to the high level of service provided by our team across the business. As we celebrate 26 years in business, customer NPS scores are +80 which is truly something to shout about. But it’s not just customers that are happy with our performance…

#1 OES Provider in Victoria

To cap off a truly, terrific year, our KINNECT Victoria team were recently given a #1 ranking for OES (Original Employer Services), on top of their three-star status. We couldn’t be prouder of the team for this achievement which has also earned them a K-Day accolade, KINNECT Team of the Year! We’ll be announcing further details about our K-Day Winners and what we are doing to celebrate our 26th Birthday, soon so stay tuned!


Watch our highlights video:


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