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DATE 23 Jan 2017

KINNECT delivers SitSmart Injury Prevention Program at Clermont Mine

KINNECT has recently finished the delivery of its latest Injury Prevention Program, SitSmart, at Clermont Mine. SitSmart is an injury prevention program that focuses on the risks associated with prolonged sitting in mining machinery. KINNECT’s Injury Prevention consultants engaged with over 200 Glencore employees at Clermont Mine in November and December last year. The onsite program included one on one ergonomic assessments and education sessions on cabin ergonomics. The goal of the program was to ensure each operator was ergonomically setup within their cabin to maximise their comfort and reduce any associated aches or pains.

KINNECT has previously delivered its SitSmart program across many industries including mining, transport and logistics. The program is customised to focus on the particular seat types used within an organisation. It features a mix of on-site classroom, hands-on and refresher training to educate the workforce on how to use the tools that are already available to them to ensure correct, pain-free posture while sitting through their shift. Considering the large financial and health impacts that every back or neck injury has, the program typically pays for itself inside 20 weeks.

KINNECT is proud to partner with Glencore Clermont Mine to help make their people at work healthy, safe and productive.

SitSmart Injury Prevention Program - Glencore Clermont Mine