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Integrating vaccination checks into Pre-Employment processes

Announcements 01 Feb 2022
Recruiters can now use Carelever to check the vaccination status of candidates during the recruitment process. 

COVID-19 has caused many headaches for businesses, but checking and verifying the vaccination status of candidates during the recruitment process need not be one of them.  

As mandatory COVID-19 vaccination requirements become more commonplace across Australia, KINNECT’s new Carelever Comply module will assist recruiters to easily capture and verify candidate’s vaccination status and avoid unnecessary costs during the recruitment process. 

Avoiding costly pre-employment medicals 

Many employers have started to realise that proceeding with a costly pre-employment medical for a candidate who doesn’t have a medical exemption and is unwilling to meet mandatory vaccination requirements costs them money.  

At KINNECT, we know our clients would much prefer us to point out where they can save money or avoid unnecessary costs, while making sure they get the right people into their business.

Being able to check the immunisation status early in the recruitment process will save costs and time by ensuring only those who meet the requirements can proceed.  

vaccine tracker for workplaces employeesBy integrating these checks into your pre-employment process, Carelever Comply will help recruitment teams to: 

  • Save time – understand which candidates meet mandatory vaccination requirements earlier in your recruitment process.  
  • Save costs – ensure you don’t incur costs for a pre-employment medical for candidates that do not or are unwilling to meet vaccination requirements. 
No Jab, No job. 

Some of our customers with a ‘no jab, no job’ policy have told us they are using Carelever Comply earlier in their recruitment process to ensure that their process proceeds with only those employees who meet their stringent requirements.  Others will deploy it at a later time, when other employment checks are complete. We know that all businesses are different and when to do vaccination checks will depend on your recruitment process and the requirements for your business. 

How does Carelever Comply actually work in pre-employment? 

Carelever Comply is part of our existing Carelever platform which has been designed for occupational health programs like pre-employment medicals, health monitoring and workplace rehabilitation, so it is fully integrated.  

How it works 
  • KINNECT creates a customised form for your business to capture the candidate’s immunity status which you can deploy at any stage of your recruitment process. 
  • This form will also help you identify those candidates that are seeking medical exemption and retrieve the appropriate documentation from them. 
  • KINNECT can verify the vaccination records (and any medical exemptions) against the Australian Immunisation Register to check they meet your requirements and any mandatory requirements that are relevant for your industry. 
  • The results will be recorded in Carelever in the candidate’s Carelever Screen file. 
Can Carelever Comply Track Boosters too? 

You can continue to track the immunisation status and boosters if your candidates become employees using Carelever Comply, or have the option of adding COVID-19 vaccination as an additional monitoring item if you’re using Carelever Monitor. 

As well as using the platform during the recruitment process, you can also use Carelever Comply to capture, verify and track the vaccination status of your existing workforce.

How will Carelever Comply help you?

Learn more about Carelever Comply today by booking a demo with our team.


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