KINNECT have developed ‘SmartHealth’, an online medical health questionnaire which has been designed to assess the health risks of your non-manual (or remotely located) employees.


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KINNECT recognise that most organisations are comprised of two distinct workgroups: white collar and blue collar.  KINNECT also understand that traditional pre-employment screening methods for administrative/white collar employees may not provide your company with significant value with regards to risk mitigation. This is due to the minimal health risks associated with the performance of such roles.

KINNECT’s ‘SmartHealth’ survey allows low risk employees to undergo an online health screen that is quick, comprehensive, user friendly and secure.  The results from a ‘SmartHealth’ screen are instant and will allow your company to assess whether further investigation is required.

There are multiple benefits of KINNECT’s ‘SmartHealth’ online medical questionnaire for your company. Firstly, as data from the online medical questionnaire is entered directly into KINNECT’s online pre-employment portal, Carelever, and therefore key representatives granted access to the interface can review an individual’s health risk real time, enabling early management interventions to be formed.

An online, cost effective and timely screening tool for screening health risk of candidates. 


As there is a marking matrix to which the medical questionnaire is graded, the inherent health risks of an individual are highlighted (only when you the employer is viewing the information), therefore no time is wasted when trying to extract information pertaining to an individual’s risk factors when compared to reviewing data in a hard copy pre-employment. Finally, as the questionnaire can be done online, your applicants can complete it at home using any device.  This reduces the burden of company representatives coordinating pre-employment bookings with applicants, saving both time and money.

KINNECT’s online medical questionnaire will not only provide your company with significant cost saving, but will also provide the organisation with extensive baseline data. From this, appropriate risk management plans can be developed and health surveillance measures established. Our questionnaire assists in creating healthy, safe and productive administrative and white collar employees throughout their employment cycle.


SmartHealth Online Health & Medical Questionnaire

$60.00 + GST

Online medical health questionnaire designed to assess the health risk of employees prior to or post employment quickly and cost effectively.

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