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KINNECT offer tailored onsite physiotherapy solutions to employers to effectively reduce the cost of injuries in the workplace. Our Onsite Physiotherapy Clinics are run each and everyday around Australia and Internationally. We work with our clients to establish and implement programs that achieve an ROI for them.

Early Access to Treatment

KINNECT provide an onsite priority service arrangement that is easily accessible for employees, as we believe that early intervention at the workplace in the acute phase of discomfort can prevent an injury from occurring.  Early interventions for injuries and symptoms will result in a quicker recovery, maintain employees at work longer and improve their productivity.

Physiotherapy Services that Achieve Outcomes

KINNECT onsite programs not only provide treatment, but they are aimed at educating and reinforcing self-management to minimise any dependence on “hands on” intervention.  Our Physiotherapist(s) will also be able to provide onsite solutions in regards to group training / exercise programs, injury management and on the job coaching / monitoring workplace concerns or tasks to eliminate the cause of the symptom / injury.  We believe that providing onsite physiotherapy services to employees allows for improved workplace productivity and reduced disruption to daily operations by minimizing the need for employees to seek treatment elsewhere.

KINNECT are the Leading Onsite Physiotherapy Provider in Australia, having delivered Onsite Physiotherapy Clinics in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and throughout Australia and Internationally.

Evidence-based early intervention

The effectiveness of early intervention has been well documented in numerous case studies.

One such study is the introduction of an early intervention program for poultry meat processing workers. Through onsite physiotherapy, the poultry meat processing plant was able to achieve an 18% reduction in workers compensation claims. They also achieved a 37% reduction in days absent and a $831 reduction in average costs per claim (Donovan et al., 2017)¹.

Another recent study investigated the introduction of a workplace-based program aimed at reducing musculoskeletal injuries (MSIs) in healthcare workers. The early intervention program reduced compensation and healthcare costs and provided quicker return to work outcomes (Badii et al., 2006)².

  1. Donovan, M, Khan, A & Johnston, V. (2016). The effect of a workplace-based early intervention program on work-related musculoskeletal compensation outcomes at a poultry meat processing plant. Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation, 27.
  2. Badii, M, Keen, D, Yu, S & Yassi, A (2006). Evaluation of a comprehensive integrated workplace-based program to reduce occupational musculoskeletal injury and its associated morbidity in a large hospital. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 48, pp. 1159-65.

KINNECT is the leading provider of Onsite Physiotherapy Services having delivered Onsite Physiotherapy Clinics in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and throughout Australia and Internationally. Over the years we have worked with many clients across many projects to deliver an outcome driven Onsite Physiotherapy Service. Our work to date has allowed us to gain invaluable experience across many industries and environments such as oil, gas, mining, healthcare, logistics and government.

KINNECT’s past experience includes assisting Gladstone Regional Council to achieve a reduction in workers compensation costs.

In 2010, workers compensation costs at Gladstone Regional Council indicated a significant increase when compared to previous years. The increase was determined to be primarily associated with musculoskeletal injuries. In 2011, there was a further 47 percent increase in workers compensation costs and 10 percent increase in musculoskeletal injuries. In 2013, Gladstone Regional Council reached out to KINNECT to provide onsite physiotherapy services.

With our assistance, Gladstone Regional Council reduced their workers compensation costs from $561,000 in 2011/12 to $161,00 in 2015/16.

Read the full report here: Gladstone Regional Council Workers Compensation

Onsite Physiotherapy workplaces industrial

Our team of Physiotherapist display our core values each and every day – Highly Skilled, Happy People, Creating Sustainable Value. We’ve developed a team of Physiotherapist who are passionate about helping people to be healthy, safe and productive at work. All of our Physiotherapists are tertiary qualified and hold AHPRA Registration.

We partner with our clients to establish and deliver an onsite Physiotherapy Clinic that achieves the outcomes. Before commencing the program, we establish objective measures with our clients on their desired outcomes for the service. This process allows us to evaluate the effectiveness of the services we provide and ensure we are able to demonstrate an ROI for each of our clients.

KINNECT realise that for onsite physiotherapy to be effective a feedback continuum needs to be established and maintained with your organisation. It is standard practice for KINNECT clinicians to provide frequent updates to your organisations representatives, General Practitioners and/or treating Specialists throughout the course of a workers physiotherapy treatment (if required).

If communication is requested, KINNECT clinicians adhere to the following KPI’s:

  • An update emailed to the appropriate workplace representative, General Practitioner and/or treating Specialist within 24 hours of a workers initial physiotherapy consultation;
  • Progress updates notifying of a workers response to treatment, functional progress and capacity to return to work sent following each subsequent physiotherapy consultation;
  • Discharge update provided to the workplace representative, General Practitioner and/or treating Specialist within 24 hours of a workers cessation of physiotherapy treatment.

The above ensures all parties in a workers’ rehabilitation are kept up to date with a workers functional status allowing formal return to work plans to be established, modified and progressed as appropriate (if required).

  • Minimal absenteeism from work as the service is provided onsite;
  • Ease of access to physiotherapy services by employees encourages early reporting of symptoms. This gives the employees immediate access to a clinical opinion from a physiotherapist on musculo-skeletal conditions,  allowing injuries to be resolved before they become recordable injuries;
  • KINNECT clinicians become familiar with your organisations operations, positions, processes and potential hazards within the organisation which is an important part of rehabilitation and future injury prevention, allowing the clinician to offer informed education and advice to your employees on safe work practices and ergonomic solutions;
  • Observing the injured worker in the workplace helps with identification of contributing factors;
  • Facilitates direct communication between the physiotherapist, the employer and the injured worker; and
  • Excellent boost in moral and well-being within the work place as employees feel supported.


It is in our opinion that the effectiveness of an Onsite Physiotherapy Program is enhanced when combined with targeted injury prevention interventions, usually delivered during periods where the uptake of hands on physiotherapy treatment is low.

During times where KINNECT are not providing physiotherapy services, it is standard practice for KINNECT to attend and assess work areas.  The review of work tasks ensures that workers are using correct body mechanics / ergonomics to reduce the likelihood of future injury.

Given KINNECT’s experience in delivering large scale Manual Handling Interventions with government organisations, industrial and mining companies, KINNECT also have the capacity to deliver such programs.  Such interventions can be performed during the agreed days/times that KINNECT is to attend site and deliver onsite treatment.  KINNECT have the capacity to deliver such programs in group settings as well as on a one on one basis with the worker.

KINNECT can deliver the following Injury Prevention and Management Services while being engaged for the delivery on Onsite Physiotherapy:

  • Worksite assessments and development of suitable duties plans, and the monitoring of such plans;
  • Risk assessment of tasks identified as potential causes of injury;
  • The development and delivery of a pre-start warm up/ stretching program (KINNECT’s “SmartStretch” Program);
  • The development and delivery of manual handling programs;
  • The development and delivery of Health and Wellbeing programs covering such topics as fatigue management, heat and hydration, sun and skin cancer protection, men’s health etc;
  • The development of job dictionaries for all roles to allow for streamlined return to work processes;
  • Ergonomic assessments of office based employees;
  • Work hardening/physical conditioning programs.

Employees having the ability to make appointments online, onsite or via KINNECT’s dedicated phone line.  As a reminder of and to ensure compliance with appointment dates and times, KINNECT ensures all workers attending physiotherapy sessions receive a text message 24 hours prior to their appointment.  These messages allow workers to respond if they are unable to attend or wish to change their appointment dates/times.

It is our opinion that for onsite physiotherapy to be seen as a professional service, be successful and have ongoing durability, it is essential that a permanent treatment room be established onsite and fitted out as if it were an external private practice clinic. Having existing physiotherapy clinics in several locations throughout Queensland, KINNECT can assist with the development of such treatment room and the ongoing ordering of consumables.

The setup of an Onsite Physiotherapy room will be completely funded by KINNECT, all that is required from your company is the allocation of a dedicated room and/or space.

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