An Oil and Gas UK medical examination is a requirement for workers being deployed offshore within the oil and gas industry. Formerly known as the UK Offshore Operators Association (UKOOA) medical examination, these medicals must be completed by qualified practitioners.


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How it Works

Only medical practitioners that are registered with Oil and Gas UK can perform OGUK medicals. KINNECT has a register of practitioners nationally that are approved to perform OGUK medicals to mobilise workers to offshore environments. These medical practitioners are approved to provide an OGUK accredited medical certificate.

All approved practitioners have knowledge of the offshore environment and have undertaken a training program in offshore medical assessment.

An OGUK medical includes:

  • Medical history, including vaccine review
  • Physical examination
  • Audiometry

Depending on individual circumstance you may also require:

  • Spirometry
  • Vaccinations
  • Drug and alcohol screen

Service Locations

KINNECT are able to organise OGUK Medicals in the following locations:
Brisbane, QLD
Sydney, NSW
Perth, WA
Melbourne, VIC
Sunshine Coast, QLD


OGUK Medical

$650.00 + GST

Oil and Gas UK Medical Examination for workers within the oil and gas industry working in an offshore environment. Includes: Comprehensive Medical History, Medical Examination, Audiometry, Vision, Drug and Alcohol Test, Spirometry.


An OGUK accredited medical certificate result is valid for 2 years if the individual is deemed medically fit.

An OGUK medical certificate is also accepted in Norway and the Netherlands. However, a restricted OGUK medical certificate is not accepted outside the UK.

If you do not meet the medical guidelines to obtain a certificate, your examining doctor should explain the reason behind this. If you believe your medical assessment is not representative of your current state of health, a review process may be implemented. This review process includes three other examining doctors reviewing your documentation.


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