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At KINNECT, we believe drug and alcohol testing is an essential component of your organisation’s health and safety compliance. Often viewed as a time intensive and arduous task, our drug and alcohol screening is timely, non-disruptive and uncomplicated.

Our Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Services

KINNECT provides onsite workplace drug and alcohol testing across Australia. Our accredited drug testers will attend your work site and perform urine or saliva drug testing and a breath alcohol test. Being a NATA accredited provider means that all our testing meets the relevant Australian standards, with results that are legally defensible.

Our incident accident testing service ensures that the use of drugs and/or alcohol are tested for post any workplace incident. Our drug and alcohol testers are available upon request 24/7 to attend your workplace immediately following an incident or accident. We also conduct suspicion testing should you have concerns about an employee’s fitness for work. Additionally, we are one of a few occupational health providers that can test for the use of synthetic cannabis.

Our services include:

  • Onsite random drug and alcohol testing
  • On call incident and casual drug and alcohol testing
  • In clinic drug and alcohol testing
  • Drug and alcohol awareness training programs
  • Fitness for work determination by medical practitioner

Our services are conducted by accredited testers who hold experience in performing and managing occupational drug and alcohol testing programs. Furthermore, KINNECT is able to tailor a drug and alcohol testing program to suit client requirements.

NATA Accreditation

KINNECT has achieved NATA accreditation for our drug testing services in Australia. Achieving NATA accreditation is recognition of our quality processes and procedures that meet the following Australian standards for drug testing:

  • AS/NZS 4308:2008 – Drugs for Toxicological Purposes in Urine – Section 2: Specimen Collection, Storage, Handling and Dispatch
  • AS/NZS 4308 :2008 – Drugs for Toxicological Purposes in Urine – Appendix A: On-site Screening Procedures
  • AS/NZS 4760:2006 – Drugs for Toxicological Purposes in Oral Fluid – Section 2: Collection, Storage, Handling and Dispatch
  • AS/NZS 4308:2008 – Procedures for Specimen Collection and the Detection and Quantitation of Drugs of Abuse in Urine

Frequently Asked Questions

Testing takes approximately 10 minutes per employee to complete.

Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Onsite employees workforces saliva urine


KINNECT are a national provider of workforce drug and alcohol testing services. We can conduct onsite drug and alcohol testing in the following locations:

  • Brisbane, QLD
  • Perth, WA
  • Sydney, NSW
  • Melbourne, VIC
  • Darwin, NT
  • Adelaide, SA
  • Canberra, ACT
  • Mackay, QLD
  • Townsville, QLD
  • Gladstone, QLD
  • Rockhampton, QLD
  • Sunshine Coast, QLD
  • Gold Coast, QLD
  • Cairns, QLD
  • Emerald, QLD
  • Geraldton, WA
  • Karratha, WA
  • Newman, WA
  • Port Headland, WA
  • Mandurah, WA
  • Albany, WA
  • Broome, WA
  • Dubbo, NSW
  • Tamworth, NSW
  • Gunnedah, NSW
  • Dalby, NSW
  • Moranbah, NSW
  • Roma, QLD
  • Singleton, NSW
  • Woolloongong, NSW
  • Lismore, NSW
  • Orange, NSW
  • Mount Isa, QLD
  • Maryborough, QLD
  • Bundaberg, QLD
  • Kingaroy, QLD
  • Glenden, QLD
  • Cannonvale, QLD
  • Gympie, QLD
  • Toowoomba, QLD
  • Port Macquarie, NSW
  • Taree, NSW
  • Wagga Wagga, NSW
  • Geelong, VIC
  • Blackburn, VIC
  • Bendigo, VIC
  • Morwell, VIC
  • Portland, WA
  • Hobart, TAS
  • Burnie, TAS
  • Devonport, TAS

KINNECT require photographic identification upon testing. In the event that ID isn’t provided, the employee’s manager will be required to provide a written statement confirming their identity.

Yes, KINNECT offer a range of drug and alcohol training services including:

  • Drug and alcohol awareness training for employees
  • Drug and alcohol awareness training for supervisors
  • Drug and alcohol testing course – certification
  • Alcohol and your brain – online course
  • Crystal meth and your brain – online course
  • Drugs and depression – online course

KINNECT also has the capability to develop and deliver tailored workplace training specific to your workplace policy.

Onsite Drug and Alcohol Testing Workplace Employees Saliva Urine


To help explain the difference between the two forms of testing, please read our article for more information.

Yes. We can assist your organisation with either the development of a workplace drug and alcohol policy or review your existing one.

There are many industries that use onsite drug and alcohol testing to ensure the safety of their employees is not compromised. These include:

  • Mining
  • Oil and gas
  • Building and construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitality
  • Airlines
  • Transport and logistics
  • Councils and shires of Australia
  • Retail and warehouses

KINNECT currently have 75 certified Drug and Alcohol Screeners located throughout our Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australian operations. Please note, that KINNECT is also able to travel to any location as required.

In the event of a non-negative drug screen, KINNECT’s screener would ensure that all relevant forms are completed. The sample will then be sent to a NATA certified laboratory for confirmation testing. Once the laboratory has tested the sample, an outcome will be provided to your company’s representative. This confirmatory testing distinguishes between prescription medication and illegal substances. Read our handy article to find out more about confirmatory testing.

If a positive alcohol test is recorded the following process will be followed:

  1. The employee is requested to remain in the immediate vicinity and a second breath alcohol sample is undertaken after 20 minutes.
  2. The worker and their manager is immediately advised of the result.
  3. If the breath alcohol sample is still positive, an evidential breath screen is performed with a signed declaration
  4. The worker is then managed as per your company’s drug and alcohol policy

KINNECT have existing relationships with NATA accredited pathology laboratories throughout Australia. By having established agreements with these laboratories, we can guarantee a 24-48 hour turnaround for testing once the specimen is received. In addition, the laboratories offer an express service for confirmatory testing. This express service incurs an additional fee, however guarantees you results within 60 minutes of confirmatory testing.

Looking to Implement a Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Program?

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