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A confined space is an area which is enclosed or largely enclosed and configured so that a worker can enter and perform assigned work however has limited or restricted means for exit. Confined spaces are those that are not designed for continuous occupancy and pose a potential health and safety risk for those required to performs work within them for a duration of time. Potential confined spaces include vessels, tanks, silos, pipes, tunnels, pits and/or equipment housings.

KINNECT’s confined space medicals have been designed to evaluate a workers medical and/or physical capacity to work within confined space environments safely and without risk of developing or aggravating an injury and/or medical condition.

KINNECT can conduct confined space medicals throughout Australia either directly thorugh one of our KINNECT clinics or via our 350+ affilitaed medical centres. This allows us to coordinate confined space medical in geographical regions close to where a worker is located.

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