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Under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, many organisations are required to undertake a health monitoring program for employees exposed to hazardous substances.

Health monitoring is used to detect any changes in a workers’ health as a result of their exposure to a hazardous substance. For example, if your workers are exposed to loud noises, over time, their hearing may deteriorate due to the damage these noises can have on ear drums.

By routinely monitoring the employees hearing (by way of regular professional hearing tests), any changes in hearing levels will be detected, which will then allow relevant changes to be made to prevent the employees hearing from deteriorating further.


What’s involved in a health monitoring program?

Health monitoring programs typically include a baseline test, followed by periodic testing thereafter, and the frequency of testing required depends on the hazardous substance in question. For example, a hearing test may only need to be conducted every two years, while a crystalline silica monitoring medical should always be conducted yearly.

You can learn more about testing frequency on the KINNECT website here.

The biggest challenge for many organisations when it comes to coordinating their health monitoring program is simply keeping on top of it. Tracking employees baseline tests results, next test dates, changes in test results, and knowing who is overdue or due next can be complicated and time consuming, requiring lots of manual updating of spreadsheets and databases. This complexity can lead to mix ups and missed testing, which then results in unnecessary costs to your business.

KINNECT offers a service that takes away the costly manual component of health surveillance – providing a system that automates the entire process for you, saving you time and ensuring your workers’ health is monitored accurately.


Introducing Carelever

KINNECT have developed a custom-built online platform called Carelever, which collects important health data and uses this data to establish baseline and periodic measures of an employee’s health.

The Carelever system allows you to completely automate your health monitoring program. Its intelligent technology means you’ll be notified when an employee is next due for a health monitoring test, which means saying goodbye to manual spreadsheets and confusing calendars – Carelever has you covered.

Not only does Carelever collate important health data to establish baseline and periodic measures for your employees, but it also automatically identifies any changes identified in employee health after test results are added to the system, ensuring you’re meeting your legislative obligations.

All of your health monitoring results are stored securely within the Carelever platform and this data is only available for authorised representatives from your business to access, so you can have peace of mind that your sensitive employee data is safe.

Carelever also makes reporting and tracking your health monitoring program easy through the use of live dashboards that show the health status of all your employees in real time. The system provides downloadable reports that can be pulled at the click of a button, so reporting back to management couldn’t be simpler.


How do I use Carelever?

One you’ve made the decision to automate your health monitoring through Carelever, the process is very straightforward.

KINNECT will import all the details of your current workforce and their testing requirements into Carelever and then all of the respective health monitoring requirements will be set in the system without you having to do a thing.

If you’re already running a health monitoring program and are making the switch to Carelever, that’s fine too. KINNECT can import the data from your current program and migrate you over to our automated Carelever program, having you up and running in less than a week.


Managing an organisation’s health monitoring program manually can be incredibly cumbersome and inefficient, which is why KINNECT has created a way to completely streamline and automate this process for you so that you can focus on actually running your business with the knowledge that your employee’s health is well and truly looked after.

Keen to see for yourself how the system works? Contact us for a free demonstration of Carelever and to discuss how KINNECT can help automate your health monitoring program.



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