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Published Friday, 5th December 2014

I remember what it was like to be told for the first time that I would be made redundant.  Even though the severance package was good enough to keep my family alive for up to four months and my experience made me a good candidate to other employers, I still felt very anxious.  Anxious because, I had never been made redundant before; anxious because of the unknown; anxious because I had no other job to go to.

I had a university degree and I knew how to hold a conversation, how to research, how to develop an argument and write a letter but I had lost my confidence with looking for jobs.

Two brochures were included in the envelope that contained my Letter Of Notice.  One was for counselling services so I could have a chat with someone if I needed to let off steam and the other was for outplacement services.

I have a brother who works as an IT Business Analyst and is used to moving from project to project.  He once told me about his positive experience utilising outplacement services, also known as employment transition training, so I was keen to utilise the help on offer.

Outplacement programs provide support for workers who are transitioning from workplaces that are downsizing or restructuring or transitioning within workplaces that are redeploying staff.  Outplacement programs ensure that workers are confident and prepared for new opportunities beyond their current role.

Outplacement programs typically:

  • Assist with identifying new career directions;
  • Draft professionally presented resumes and cover letters for the worker;
  • Provide advice on creating and maintaining a professional internet presence;
  • Provide coaching and ongoing support on interviews and networking;
  • Educate workers on the current labour market.

Initially, I attended an interview with my outplacement consultant to discuss my resume and my options.  Even though I was experienced at drafting up resumes and writing cover letters, I soon discovered that there were alternative ways of approaching a resume or cover letter that I had not previously considered.  I was then set some homework to complete before our next appointment.  This helped me apply my new understanding and reinforced to me that I was in the driver’s seat with my outplacement consultant giving directions in the navigator’s seat right beside me.

Eventually, I met with a colleague whom I knew, to catch up and to see if he would offer me a job or suggestions on where to look further.  Even though this was not a formal process, my outplacement consultant was happy to help me work through this option as well.  My colleague invited me to meet with the Directors and other senior staff and a short time after this meeting I was offered a job.

I would recommend outplacement services to all workers whether professional, technical or manual.  Places of employment are not a constant.  They are dynamic – always changing to adapt to economic, political and competitive changes.  Thankfully however, when changes that affect workers happen, workers are not alone when they engage an outplacement consultant.  They have someone on their team, supporting them every step of the way forward.

KINNECT is a provider of outplacement services who:

  • Strives to understand your core business;
  • Provides a tailored program based on your worker’s needs and the current job market;
  • Offers ongoing support for workers during a workplace transition;
  • Offers additional counselling services to help workers adjustment;
  • Has industry experience.

Rowan Macaulay

Injury Prevention, Injury Management And Occupational Health Consultant, KINNECT

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