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Published Monday, 22nd September 2014

Not every worker can return to their Employer on alternative duties following an illness or injury.

Some employers do not have the capacity to create suitable duties for an injured worker returning to work.  Additionally, some workers do not have the transferable skills to perform alternative duties in other roles.  For these workers, a Host Employment Placement, also known as a Work Trial, is recommended.

Host Employment is a program funded by insurance providers like WorkCover Queensland, Comcare, self-insuring employers or Compulsory Third Party insurers and forms part of a workers gradual return to work.  A Host Employment Placement returns a worker to a structured work environment that provides routine and allows for a smoother transition from injury to their pre-injury role.

There are 4 steps to the Host Employment Process:

1.   Assessment

Prior to searching for a host employer, an assessment is carried out.  This Host Employment Assessment looks at medical history, current symptoms, medial restrictions, hobbies and interests, positional or psychological tolerances, employment history and capacity for travel.  This assessment assists in ensuring individuals are well matched to their prospective Host Employer.

2.   Host Search

After the Host Employment Assessment is completed a suitable Host Employer is found considering geography and all the factors discussed during the assessment.

3.   Work Site Assessment And Drafting Of The Suitable Duties Plan

Once a Host Employer has been secured, a meeting is scheduled to assess the work site, to discuss suitable duties and to draft a 4 to 6 week Suitable Duties Plan.  This plan gradually and safely progresses a worker’s duties and their tolerance to time at work.  Prior to the commencement of the Host Employment Placement, the Suitable Duties Plan must be signed by all stakeholders including the treating medical doctor, the worker and the host employer.

4.   Monitoring

From the commencement of a Host Employment Placement, the KINNECT consultant maintains regular contact with the worker and the Host Employer to ensure progression of the worker and to address any concerns.  The KINNECT consultant also provides regular updates to the insurer about the workers progress throughout the Host Employment Placement.

KINNECT is an award winning organisation with their return to work programs, so contact KINNECT today to learn more about getting your employees back to work quickly and safely.

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