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We live in an exciting time where continuous advancements in technology are disrupting traditional models and allowing us to do things differently to make our lives easier and more efficient.

Uber is a great example of a business that has used technology to shake up an industry that was desperately in need of it and create a product that made a service that everyone needs (transport) more convenient, easier, and with the customers’ needs firmly in mind.

In the same way the transport industry has been disrupted, so too has the health industry. Continued development of sophisticated technology is creating efficiencies across the board and access to this technology should be a key consideration when it comes to choosing an occupational health service provider.

At KINNECT, we’ve created a custom digital platform, called Carelever, which is advancing the occupational health industry by providing a system that makes management of occupational health services much easier and more efficient.

Carelever helps companies to manage their occupational health services online and allows for the secure and safe storage of the associated data. Using this innovative technology, companies are able to effectively manage and track three key occupational health areas – health surveillance, pre-employment assessments and occupational rehabilitation and injury management and these should be key considerations when it comes to choosing an occupational health service provider.

There are a number of key benefits that using this sophisticated technology provides including:


Enhanced efficiency

The biggest improvement that comes as a result of using technology to manage your occupational health needs is that it dramatically increases efficiencies. The ability to see and access your data in real time, along with the system’s ability to know your company and how it operates intimately, means less data entry for your people.

Carelever does just that, allowing companies to see and access their data in real time, which means no more calling up and sitting on hold, or going back and forth via email – you can just log in and access all your information in the one place, at your convenience.

The Carelever system houses all company information, which means you have access to a comprehensive log of the key elements of your business including:

  • Job roles and the relevant physical demands of each role
  • Worksites and project details
  • Testing requirements for all roles, worksites and projects
  • Key stakeholders and details on who needs to receive important communications

Having all this information already inputted in the system also means that there is significantly less data entry required by the people requesting KINNECT’s services, saving your company significant time and money.


Quality control

Another important benefit that incorporating technology brings is quality control. Having access to a digital system takes a lot of pressure off processes which have been traditionally manual, and ensures greater quality control in terms of the information being received.

KINNECT’s Carelever system uses digital forms for all assessments, which allows for errors to be picked up on the spot, as opposed to manual paperwork where mistakes might not be uncovered until much later. Using our system, if the assessor forgets to sign something or ticks the incorrect box, the program will detect this during the assessment and won’t allow the information to be submitted.

This takes the pressure off the assessor and provides a safety net to protect against inevitable human error. This in turn means that delays in results caused by simple errors are much less likely as any mistakes made can be picked up in real time and corrected while the employee is still in the room with the assessor.



Technology is all well and good, but not every business is the same, so it’s important that your business can customise the technology to suit its specific needs. Technological features only become benefits if they are solving a business problem, so a one-size-fits-all approach is not ideal.

The digital nature of Carelever allows testing requirements to be tailored in a way that suits each company’s specific requirements and addresses the inherent risks within workplace and/or job roles.

This customisation ability that Carelever provides results in a number of benefits including:

  • The reduction of incidences where candidates are over-assessed, saving time and money
  • Ability to achieve the highest level of risk assessment, which in turn means less chance of employing someone who will go on to injure themselves
  • Development of a truly tailored approach to occupational health services, to account for individual clients’ specific workplace risks and operational needs.



Information is power and having access to comprehensive data allows companies to draw business insights on the health of the workforce, historical risks, health monitoring programs and industry management cases.

Carelever provides this information at your fingertips, allowing you to assess the workforce at a glance – identifying and measuring exactly how fit or unfit it is, tracking health monitoring programs, or identifying the current status of all injured workers, which allows for complete control and visibility of the key health and safety areas of the business.

Carelever also enhances the pre-employment medical assessment process by incorporating machine-learning models and algorithms optimised against data in both your company and the wider industry to provide you with predictive business analytics that enhance the screening process.

Keeping on top of the workforce and being able to monitor all of these components easily, and taking action as required, will mean that clients are able to demonstrate a higher level of health and safety and then be able to use this positive data to boost tender submissions, which is especially important for contracting companies.


Take the plunge

It’s time to embrace the advancements in technology in the occupational health space and use them to enhance the way you do business and develop a competitive edge. By creating efficiencies and quality control processes, customising testing requirements, and having access to comprehensive, real-time data that’s all in the one place and can be accessed at any time, you’re setting your business up for long-term success.

In this increasingly technology, digital and data-driven world, it’s important to partner with an occupational health service provider that is investing in technology. The proprietary tech that we have built at KINNECT, in the form of Carelever, adds value in its ability to be tailored to individual companies, the data it is capturing and the efficiency and quality control it provides, and is an important step in taking your business to the next level.

Our Carelever service really sets KINNECT apart from other providers in this space and we’re excited about how it can help to transform the businesses we work with.

If you’d like to have a chat about how Carelever can help your business, please contact Zahra Dharani on 0400 198 252 to receive a free demonstration and talk through the specifics of how it could work for you.


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