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KINNECT Named 9th Best Place to Work in Australia

Milestones 31 Aug 2016

Great Places to Work Australia has recognized KINNECT as the 9th Best Place to work in Australia for 2016.

KINNECT was featured on this coveted list, for the 2nd year running, climbing up the ladder from 18th in 2015, and was the only Queensland-based employer, and the only healthcare business to be recognised with a spot on the list for companies with under 100 employees.

What Makes a Great Workplace?

The 50 Best Places to Work list, compiled by Great Places to Work Australia, studies workplace cultures and assesses their performance across areas such as credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie.

“A great workplace is one where you trust the people you work for, have pride in what you do and enjoy the workplace you work with.”
— Great Places to Work Australia

KINNECT has had a strong focus on establishing a positive ‘company culture’. Their goal has always been to provide their employees with a work environment of enjoyment and transparency, an environment which encourages personal and professional growth and most importantly one that they are proud to be a part of.

“To move from 18 to 9 and make the top 10 is a fantastic achievement for the team. The last 12 months has seen KINNECT go through it biggest changes in 20 years in both systems and growth. To know we have managed to improve our culture significantly in that time and have it independently verified is a fantastic achievement and a testament to our KINNECTers.”
— Kevin Conlon | CEO

KINNECT’s Core Values


KINNECT has a focus on professional development to ensure each employee reaches their maximum potential. They also focus on recruiting and retaining a workforce of “A Players” who deliver the highest quality of work to our clients.


All actions completed and decisions made are performed with the attempt to create long lasting value for our clients, our employees and KINNECT as a company.

“We’ve always taken a lot of care in how we develop and look after our people. We don’t just pay lip service to creating a great working environment – it’s genuinely a key focus area for us. To be formally recognised again for the investment we make in our employees is an achievement we are very proud of.”

KINNECT’s Culture

At KINNECT, our company culture is paramount.  One of the keys to our success has been building a strong team of health professionals who not only fit in with our culture, but thrive in an environment based on teamwork, and a commitment to meeting and exceeding our clients expectations.

Our vibrant and inclusive workplace culture forms the basis of the happiness and wellbeing of our people at work, who show care and respect for each other in an environment based on teamwork and shared values.

We delight in celebrating wins with our team, recognising the achievement of individuals and rewarding the excellence of our top performers.

Employees of KINNECT acknowledge that positive relationships between colleagues and the capacity to celebrate achievement are key aspects of an exceptional work culture.

“We do a number of things that carry wow factor – including taking our whole team on an all-expenses weekend getaway at an exotic location every year to celebrate KINNECT’s Birthday. But the real strength in our culture comes from our continuous quest for improvement. We do monthly surveys with our staff to gauge their satisfaction with our workplace offering, and we make changes according to their feedback. To stay a top employer, we know we need to adapt to the needs and wants of our people.”

This achievement will see the KINNECT team not only striving to stay on the list in future years, but also to continuously improve and practice great workplace culture.

“We will continue our relentless focus on culture and look to raise the bar again in the coming 12 months to ensure we continue to be a great place to work.”

Written by Elizabeth Andal


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