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KINNECT is an organisation driven by clear and present values. We hold a strong belief that the performance and decision-making processes of our people should be guided by the two overarching principles of our organisation. These core values encompass “happy, highly skilled people” who “create sustainable value for clients and patients”.

It is for this reason that KINNECT strives to employ ‘A Players‘, that is, individuals that go above and beyond, demonstrating a genuine passion in everything they do. Team members who are driven by outcomes and making a difference to the lives of those of they provides services to.

As a health and wellness provider, it is our inherent belief that individuals that choose to work in the health industry are those that genuinely care for the well-being of others and are driven by the need to help, care and empower those in need.

As such, the principal characteristics KINNECT actively seeks out in new employees include:

  • a caring nature and focus;
  • motivation for professional development;
  • a positive disposition and co-operative attitude; and
  • a desire to be a team player, collaborating with colleagues to achieve great outcomes.

These qualities align with our organisational core values, which in our experience ensures exceptional health outcomes are achieved for clients and patients alike.

Recruitment Process KINNECT

Want to be apart of one of the Best Places to Work in Australia?

It’s an exciting time at KINNECT with new job opportunities and clinics opening regularly. Check out our current job opportunities or alternatively submit an expression of interest.


We do not only look at what experience people have.  Employability is more around passion for occupational rehabilitation, demonstrated self motivated professional development and a fit within our core values.

You will receive an email within 5 working days for any expression of interest.  Where your application is for an advertised position you will hear back from us within 2 working days

The start date is able to be negotiated with the right candidate.  We employ based on the right person and right fit, not the right start date.

Yes. We encourage you to submit an Expression of Interest if there are no current positions available. KINNECT is a rapidly growing organisation and new positions are often not far away.

Every employee has an assigned Mentor to which they can directly ask questions, provide feedback to and discuss general employment and company matters with on a frequent basis and in an environment underpinned by equality and mutual respect. Supervisors are contactable by phone, email, internet social medical and video conference in addition to being available for face to face meetings. Directors of KINNECT also have an ‘open door policy’, providing all employees with access to top level management for any concerns they feel need to be addressed by a Director as opposed to a mentor.

KINNECT uses a scorecard system to evaluate the performance of all staff in our organisation and provide a framework for employees to challenge themselves professionally. Our scorecards clearly define the mission for a position, the outcomes to be accomplished, key competencies for the role and personal attributes required to fit with our corporate culture. This information is published publicly for all employees to access. Remuneration and incentives are clearly tied to the varying scorecard levels that exist within the business.

After joining KINNECT, employees are allocated a scorecard level based on their position and key responsibilities. They are educated on how they can achieve a higher-level scorecard by exhibiting advanced behaviours and competencies. Every employee’s scorecard is reviewed at least once a year, however an employee can request a scorecard review at any time if they feel they are ready to be progressed to a higher level.

This system makes it possible for an employee to know exactly the competencies and responsibilities they need to fulfill, and the outcomes they must achieve to move through the ranks of the business and determine their own course and time frames for career advancement. This system empowers employees to enhance their level of knowledge and skill, while creating fairness and equality for all employees regardless of age or years of experience. It is for this reason that KINNECT do not negotiate salary prior to the commencement of employment, rather align an individual with a scorecard during the initial offer and from which they can progress.

Yes, we actively encourage new graduates to apply and openly receive applications prior to graduation and formal registration being awarded.

Upon being offered a position at KINNECT, the people team will be in contact with you to arrange any necessary training plans. Certain clinical positions will be required to undergo training in our Head Office in Brisbane, however KINNECT will cover all accommodation and transportation costs for you.

KINNECT employees are issued with a KINNECT uniform inclusive of formal and casual shirts, high visibility and jumper/jacket. On your first day, you will be fitted to ascertain your size and your uniform will either be issued to you or ordered promptly.

To ensure all new employees are given a warm welcome and taken through a smooth, organised induction process that reflects our corporate culture, values and vision, KINNECT has developed a variety of gestures, programs and activities. On a new employee’s first day, they are greeted by either their immediate mentor or the HR representative.

The first activity on the agenda for a new employee is completing KINNECT’s, “Who’s New” questionnaire, an exercise in getting to know our new recruits a little better. By sharing information about their interests, hobbies and passions, the “Who’s New” questionnaire is a great way to introduce a new member of the team to our existing employees in a fun and engaging way. KINNECT shares the “Who’s New” answers via email and internal social media channels, and team members are encouraged to make contact with the new employee to welcome them on board.

You’ll spend time in the morning completing an induction program before moving on to job specific training with your mentor for the rest of the day.

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