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Our Induction & Orientation program focuses on the key skills and knowledge required to start you on the journey of becoming a successful team member with KINNECT. It focuses specifically on your key role within KINNECT as well as navigating your way through our unique internal technology platform.

We take your development seriously and our aim is to ensure your career with KINNECT is as rewarding in every way as possible. The unique KINNECT organisational structure and culture ensures you regular interaction and support from your supervisor, mentor, colleagues and directors.

Your learning and development opportunities don’t stop after induction. At KINNECT we have a strong focus on personalised professional development with a minimum of 40 hours per annum.

In conjunction with our professional development program KINNECT has a strong culture for internal promotion and progression. Career progression within KINNECT is based on skill not tenure and we are on hand to help you develop. With scorecards readily available for each level you will always know the required outcomes and competencies so that your personal professional development plan can be tailored for your individual progress.

We want to encourage you to do what you want to do.  An example of this would be with our Physiotherapists.  If you want to do “hands on only” we can accommodate that, but if you want a mix between hands on and workplace based rehab then we can do that too.  We want to work with you to ensure you are enjoying what you do.  You spend too much at work to not enjoy what you do!

Want to be apart of one of the Best Places to Work in Australia?

Want to be apart of one of the Best Places to Work in Australia?

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