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KINNECT’s PredictFit, is a new innovation in pre-employment medical screening technology. 

With a challenging labour market emerging, many businesses are looking for ways to identify healthier, more productive employees. 
PredictFit is a world-first machine-learning methodology, created by KINNECT, that can accurately predict a pre-employment candidate’s fitness for work.  

Predict Fitness for Work Instantly 

KINNECT’s PredictFit uses proprietary algorithms that learn from a candidate’s medical history in order to model the outcome for the candidate’s fitness for work. 

Traditional pre-employment health screening checklist uses a medical history questionnaire combined with a range of health tests, reviewed by a Occupational Health Doctor to provide a risk-rating for the candidate’s Fitness for Work.

PredictFit is much faster. Estimations are made instantly – within seconds of a candidate submitting their information. 

The Benefits


Predict the outcome of fitness for work with a high degree of accuracy.

Reduce Costs

Reduce recruitment costs by eliminating candidates who are unlikely to be fit for work at an earlier stage.

Reduce Risk

Manage risk by predicting an employee’s fitness for work without the full pre-employment medical process.

Faster Results

Get an instant assessment as soon as a candidate has submitted their Medical History Questionnaire.

Save time & money with PredictFit

The predictions made through PredictFit have the potential to save your business thousands. 

With PredictFit you can: 

  • Manage risk and minimise costs by predicting an employee’s fitness for work without the cost of a full medical assessment. 
  • Reduce recruitment costs by eliminating candidates who are unlikely to be fit for work at an earlier stage without the cost of undergoing full pre-employment assessment that they would likely fail. 
  • Combine PredictFit with traditional pre-employment assessments for higher risk and/or safety critical roles. 

How has PredictFit been built?

PredictFit is the outcome of a significant project that has utilised the enormous dataset within KINNECT’s Carelever technology platform, captured throughout our extensive experience in the industry

Using the latest machine-learning technology, the dataset has been translated into machine readable text to assess a candidate’s fitness for work with between 88 – 92% accuracy. 

Technology Enabled Occupational Health

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to manage and track your Occupational Health services with complete ease and transparency?
Our technology platform, Carelever, will reinvent the way you oversee your Occupational Health needs.

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