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Acute Injury Management

KINNECT’s Acute Injury Management service is designed to help reduce your workers compensation and injury related costs. We achieve this by providing your workforce with access to experienced care and support immediately following a workplace injury.


Workplace bullying creates a risk to employee’s health and safety. Any unreasonable, repeated behaviour at work is considered workplace bullying. According to statistics, 9.4% of Australian workers indicated they experienced workplace bullying in a 6-month period, 37% have been sworn or yelled at in their workplace, and $22,600 is the estimated cost of bullying and harassment claims1.

Commercial Drivers

It is widely recognised that there are multiple factors that contribute to the safety of a driver while operating a vehicle on the road. However, one of the principle factors for consideration is that of the driver’s health and fitness to drive. Commercial vehicle drivers (that is drivers of trucks, public passenger vehicles, and vehicles carrying dangerous goods) must meet certain medical criteria to ensure that their inherent health status does not significantly increase their accident risk while operating a vehicle.

Drugs and Alcohol

Drug and alcohol testing is an essential component of your organisation’s health and safety compliance. If your employees are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, they are putting their own life and the lives of others at risk.

Employee Health Assessments

Employee Health Assessments assist your organisation to obtain a thorough understanding of the health profile of your workforce. By identifying potential health risk factors and delivering realistic health management strategies to your organisation, the overall health, well-being and productivity of your workforce can be significantly improved.


Incorporating functional testing into your HR strategy provides an extra line of defence against employee injury or illness and musculoskeletal conditions. A pre-employment functional is an evaluation of an individual’s physical capacity to safely perform the demands of a certain job. A functional capacity evaluation is designed to assess an individual’s capacity for work post-injury.

Gladstone 3 Site Medical

In order to access the Rio Tinto Alcan Yarwun alumina refinery (RTAY), Queensland Alumina Limited refinery (QAL) or Boyne Smelters Limited (BSL), employees must hold a 3-site medical card, formerly known as a medipass. This card grants employees and contractors the ability to work on each of these sites in Gladstone.

Health Surveillance

If your employees are working in an environment where they’re exposed to potential occupational hazards, a health surveillance program, which includes baseline and periodic monitoring, can assist in determining their exposure to risk and help with the early identification and remediation of these.

Immunisations and Vaccines

KINNECT offers a fully managed occupational immunisation service, either conveniently on-site at your workplace, or within a locally based clinic. Our immunisations include hepatitis a, hepatitis b, tetanus, typhoid, measles, mumps and rubella, polio, rabies, yellow fever and influenza.

Job Dictionary

A job dictionary is a valuable resource that employers in numerous industries can rely upon for the purpose of injury prevention and management. A job dictionary created by KINNECT profiles the specific tasks associated with a role and identifies potential risks. It provides objective information, which can be used by an employer or allied health professional, to understand the physical requirements of the role.


Keeping your weight under check is an important aspect of occupational health and safety. Employees who are overweight may not be able to use certain machinery and are more prone to diseases and conditions such as sleep apnoea. If you are concerned about your weight affecting your ability to work, see your GP for a weight management plan.

Lead Health Monitoring Medicals

Lead work is Australia is considerably prevalent with the nation being the largest mine producer and exporter of lead in the Western world. As lead is a toxic substance, it is important to monitor employee exposure in the workplace.

Manual Handling

Manual tasks that involve using your body to move or hold and object are a common occurrence in a lot of workplaces. Incorrect of ill-informed manual handling has the possibility to cause musculoskeletal disorders; the most common workplace injury in Australia. KINNECT offer SmartMove Manual Handling training programs that are designed to change employee behaviour to reduce the risk of injury.

NSW Order 43 Coal Mine Workers Medical

A NSW Order 43 Coal Mine Workers Medical is a standard occupational medical examination required for all Coal Mine workers currently working in New South Wales. The scheme protects the health and safety of New South Wales Coal Mine workers by ensuring they undergo periodic health assessments.

Office Ergonomics

Office ergonomics aims to deliver optimal working conditions to ensure the health and safety of those who work at a desk. KINNECT’s ergonomic assessment and training programs are designed to educate workers throughout Australia on correct ergonomic principles. We also assess each worker’s environment to ensure they are correctly set up.

Psychological Services

Despite 20% of Australians experiencing mental illness, nearly 50% of senior managers believe all of their workers have good mental health. At KINNECT we create health certainty for your workforce. However, it is important to note that we don’t focus solely on a worker’s physical wellbeing. In the Work Health and Safety Act, the word health relates to both a worker’s physical and psychological health. For this reason, we employ Psychologists registered with AHPRA. Our Psychologists’ areas of interest include traumatic stress, vocational services, emotion regulation, HR management, neurobiology, psychoeducation, somatic psychology and stress management.

Quad Bikes

Quad bikes in rural workplaces are an extreme hazard and major cause of death and serious injury. Many incidents with quad bikes are associated with rollovers or carrying an uneven load. Statistics show that there were 11 quad bike fatalities in Australia in 2018, 64% of quad bike deaths were related to rollovers and 55% of quad bike deaths were work-related2.

Respirable Crystalline Silica

Silica, also called silicon dioxide, is a widespread mineral that occurs naturally and is found in mortar, concrete, sand and stone, and manufactured in bench tops, tiles, bricks and some plastics. Crystalline silica is most hazardous to workers when dust is produced, becomes airborne and inhaled. Due to the severity of the health defects that exposure to crystalline silica can cause, there is legislation in place to maintain and protect workers’ health. This includes the workplace health and safety (WHS) standards that states that silica dust levels are not to exceed the occupational exposure limit (OEL). At KINNECT, we offer the Queensland Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) medical for mine and quarry workers, and the Safe Work Australia Crystalline Silica medical.

Skin Cancer Screening

The risk of skin cancer caused by sun exposure is not uncommon knowledge. However, many people associate this risk with beach holidays or leisure activities. It is important to note that the risk of developing skin cancer at work is high for those who spend considerable time working outdoors. We offer a skin screening program that is a convenient, practical solution for employee occupational health and safety.


Tunnelling work includes constructing a tunnel within a confined space. The risks of tunnelling include a build-up of gas and fumes in confined spaces, rock falls and heat stress. See the Safe Work Australia guide for how to manage the risks associated with tunnelling.


To work in an underground coal mine in Queensland, you are required to have a Coal Board Medical. Coal mine workers are required to undergo a Coal Board Medical prior to commencing employment at a coal mine. Thereafter, the medical is required at least once every five years during employment provided they remain with the same employer. If your employee is new to the industry, an ILO chest x-ray is required alongside the medical to access site. A drug and alcohol test is not included in the medical, however can be added if this is a site requirement.

Vehicle Ergonomics

Employees are spending longer hours behind the wheel due to our increasingly mobile and connected workforce. Whether it’s providing business to business services or commuting between offices, workers are clocking up substantial weekly figures on their odometers.  Much like office ergonomics, vehicle ergonomic assessments ensure the driver’s comfort and safety is prioritised to decrease the risk of injury.

Workplace Wellness Programs

There is a growing prevalence of chronic disease in Australia from both aging and lifestyle changes, with noticeable increased risk behaviours such as poor diet, alcohol consumption, increased sun exposure and physical inactivity. Unfortunately, these chronic diseases place an unprecedented burden on the workplace through lost productivity, absenteeism and increased injury risk. KINNECT can implement a variety of custom designed health promotion programs to assist in the prevention of chronic disease and the promotion of a healthy workforce.


Chest x-rays are a common imaging test used to discover abnormalities in the lungs, airways, heart, blood vessels and bones. This type of imaging is quick and painless and involves the patient standing with their chest against an x-ray plate. The imaging usually takes about 15 minutes including preparation. KINNECT use chest x-rays as an effective means of discovering any abnormalities that may impact the patient’s fitness for work.

Young Workers

Workers aged 15-24 are most at risk of injury due to lack of experience, maturity and knowledge. Statistics show 14 young workers were killed in work-related incidents in 2016, 13,275 serious workers’ compensation claims from young workers were accepted in 2015-16 and 70% of serious claims made by young workers were males3.

Zero Tolerance

A zero-tolerance policy in the workplace means employers take serious and consequential action against drug use, sexual harassment, violence, fraud, and racial discrimination. Make sure your employees know of your zero-tolerance policy.


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