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DATE 10 Jul 2017

KINNECT Grows to 150

Founded in 1996 in a small backyard office in Far North Queensland, the company has managed to grow from a few to 150 as it approaches its 21st birthday. A team of only two founders initially shared the vision to help make people at work healthy, safe and productive. Now in mid-2017, 150 employees located throughout Australia now make up one of the best places to work in Australia – KINNECT.

“We are part of a competitive market which requires fast growth”, says KINNECT Managing Director and CEO, Kevin Conlon. “With an average growth rate of two new employees per week, we’ve been lucky enough to find that balance between growth and sustainability that has enabled us to keep our exceptional company culture intact.”

KINNECT Best Places to Work
KINNECT’s company culture is based on a strong sense of team spirit, trust and openness. An open attitude gives employees access to all vital information to make informed decisions. KINNECTer’s start every work week by publicly acknowledging and sharing examples of fellow colleagues demonstrating the companies core values: Highly Skilled, Happy People, Creating Sustainable Value. This allows everyone within the business, no matter their role, to understand the importance their role plays in helping KINNECT achieve its mission to help make people at work healthy, safe and productive. KINNECT prides itself on its industry leading culture and attributes this as one of the key factors in its significant growth and increasing market share.

“Our people are our business. They deliver services to our clients that help them achieve their goals through outcomes. Great people acheive great things and our clients recognise the fact that our people are our biggest assets” says Kevin Conlon.

To help facilitate and manage its growth, KINNECT has recently opened 2 new offices – Macquarie Park, NSW and Gold Coast, QLD.  An office on the Sunshine Coast will closely follow, further supporting KINNECT’s presence as a one-stop shop for Occupational Health services nationally. As KINNECT approaches its 21st Birthday, it anticiaptes it will grow to over 200 employees by the end of the year.