Skin Cancer Screening

Our skin screening program offers a convenient, practical solution for organisations who take an active role in the management of staff wellness and in particular, for those who are working in outdoor environments constantly being exposed to Australia’s harsh sun.

Some 60% of outdoor workers will develop skin cancer at some stage in their lives.worker in the sun, onsite skin cancer screening

Of these skin cancers, Melanoma is the primary danger, however if detected and treated early there is a 95% survival rate. Sun-damage is increasingly being considered by the legal system to be a “work-related risk”.

People who work outdoors are in one of the highest risk groups for skin cancer given their exposure to UV radiation.

At KINNECT, we understand the costs associated with sending employees to see a Skin Specialist clinic every year. Our specially trained Medical Practitioners are equipped with the latest in skin cancer screening technology will travel to your workplace regardless of its location.

What You Get

  •  Highly qualified Registered Nurse or Medical Practitioner who will travel to your site, assess workers individually, provide written referrals to the individual and the family GP or specialist when necessary
  • Increased productivity by minimising down time while ensuring the skin health of your employees
  • A comprehensive report, summarising results, and providing recommendations for future strategies to mitigate sun exposure risk

 What Your People Get

  • An individualised confidential skin screen with our Registered Nurse or Medical Practitioner
  • Pre-screening education session on sun exposure risk factors and practical strategies to mitigate this risk

What We Will Do

  • Create awareness of the program by providing you with promotional material
  • Provide a company profile report summarising organisation skin health and recommendations to minimise risk factors associated with sun exposure
  • Development of a skin health registry, tracking the effectiveness of your sun exposure interventions and ongoing well-being of your people 

Talk to KINNECT today about how we can guide your company’s workers to better health with a skn cancer screeening programme.